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Week 9 2014 | Part 1 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.


Batman/Superman #8

First Contact: Part 1

One word: awesome!  Helena broke into th  e batcave and has met her fathers’ doppelganger and she has told him everything!  Talk about a shocker, to find out that there is someone who is someone who both is and isn’t his daughter.  Superman really is the quintessential optimist while Batman is the quintessential pessimist, they really are the darkness and light of the DC Universe and really do have a lot of chemistry between the pair of them.  These guys are such bros.  In any case, it was a great issue that really brought out the best of everyone as they all stick together in order to help figure out what the heck is going on with Power Girl and her powers.

This issue revealed that Power Girl is a bomb, about to detonate, and she is willing to give up her life to save a man who is and is not her cousin.  Dialogue and plot are both well constructed and tap into who these characters are and what makes them so captivating.  Additionally, it’s amusing and snarky as the pair of girls meet the two men who have impacted their lives so much.  This really was an amazing issue.




Worlds’ Finest #20

First Contact: Part 2

Amusing.  Power Girl totally put Batman in his place and that was just priceless hilarity.

This issue picks up right here the last issue picked up, Superman, being the über boy scout, caught Power Girl just as her power exploded out of her and now whatever has turned her power on the fritz has bounced out of her and into Superman, forcing the super-bros to switch partners.

Again, the dialogue was amazing and the way the girls react to Batman and Superman.  They forget one thing about these two guys: they are significantly younger and there is the added fact that when they knew Superman and Batman, they were experienced and had grown to trust each other more and more over the years.   Of course, is Power Girl saw her cousin in Earth 2 right now, she would not be pleased.  This really is a great story line.




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