Week 9 2014 | Part 3 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.

Aquaman #28



High School Reunion issue, now that was fun.

In this latest issue, as Aquaman is serving as the current King of Atlantis, turns out that there is a high school reunion that he was invited to.  And who persuades him to go: none other than Mera who seems to really like the world above water much better than her realm under water.

This is an issue that brings readers a small bit of his past while at the same time giving readers a view of the local life, where he lives and where he grew up.

Now, while this was a fun issue to read, and lighter on the drama compared to all the other title series’ that are a little too heavy on the drama, this was a breath of fresh air. Haha, get it, “fresh air”?  Sorry, lame pun I know, but I digress, over all a decent issue with good action and dialogue, along with a lighter feel to it really have made this issue strong and captivating to read.  The build up to this new mystery is slow and steady, but in order to hook in new readers, it needs to be paced faster.  Right now the only real thing for this series is the amazing chemistry between Aquaman and Mera.




Justice League Dark #28

Forever Evil: Blight: Unholy Trinity

It’s so nice to see a lighter shade of black around Constantine.  If you’ve been following, the magical beings in the world have been kidnapped in order for their magical energies to be tapped and used by the Crime Syndicate for their evil purposes.  John Constantine has tried so hard not to save the world, just to save Zatanna, the woman he loves.  Fans already know that these two are soul mates, but to actually hear him say it to her, that was truly an impactful and heartbreaking moment.  However much they love each other, there is just so much going on, so must history between them that almost makes it impossible.

This issue also brought back Nick, Zatanna’s ex-boyfriend and John’s ex-best friend.  It’s obvious that Nick still loves them both which is why he hates them both.  They are the good guys and he is a guy who loves power above all else which continues to push them away from him, enraging him even more.  Justice League Dark is an amazing series and the fact that DC introduced a mystical version of the justice league is a great choice to highlight some of the other great heroes in the DC Universe.



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