Hell Hath No Fury Like a Goddess Scorned | “Goddess Interrupted” Review (Goddess Test, #2) | Emertainment Monthly

By: Cynthia Ayala ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Review


Goddess Interrupted is the second book in the Goddess Test series written by Aimée Carter. Published on March 27, 2012 by Harlequin Teen, this novel picks up three months after The Goddess Test.  Kate Winters is immortal and lives by the standards created by Hades.  But upon her return, she discovers one of her new, god-given gifts: sight that allows her to see those far away. Its timing is bittersweet. Kate is able to witness an evil plot hatched by her nemesis Calliope, better known as Hera, Queen of Gods.  In her ra[…]

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