Week 11 2014 | Part 2 | Comic Reviews


DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe #5

Worlds Collide

Well, this issue certainly answered all the questions about why Orko is evil now.  Back in the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe miniseries, where Skeletor had brainwashed everyone and ruled Eternia, turns out little Orko had been trying to be a hero but, as   it always happened, his spell backfired on him and he became the most evil and most powerful sorceress in the realm.

Poor little Orko.

Anyway, Skeletor seems to have seen the error of his ways as he has formed an alliance with He-Man and the rest of the superheroes to stop Orko and save Planet Earth.  Black Alice seemingly had some sort of sway with him apparently.  And as we all knew, Superman wasn’t dead, but only Batman thought the whole scenario was suspicious and, you know, figured it all out.  Go Batman!

So while, Orko has Superman trapped, He-Man is on his way to go rescue him and Skeletor has revealed that the only way to really stop Orko and the destruction of the Earth is to destroy the rest of the magical batteries sucking up Earths magic. (Question: where is the Entity of Life to help here?)  Oh but of course there is the little problem that every villain and hero is under the mind control of Orko and are coming for them.

This was a very fun issue and it was wonderful how it all moved together.  The plot twist and the story about Orko was also a good addition to the world of He-Man.  Giffen truly knows the world of He-Man showing his great talent for making these stories flow together wonderfully.  He even gave readers a bonus by introducing a little history about the Hordak. 





Earth 2 #21

The Kryptonian Part 2

This is a very dark series.  In the beginning, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman were killed saving the world from Darkside’s invasion.  Well, readers thought they were all dead.  Turns out that Darkside kidnapped Superman, like he did in that episode on Superman: The Animated Series, and brainwashed him, turning him into his one true minion.

It worked.

Superman is now the one hero of Apokolips, and is killing everyone who stands in his way.  Hear that, killing!  He’s worse than Ultraman, and that is saying something.

Now, while he is wreaking havoc and while the world is trying desperately to find ways to survive and escape this evil Superman.  Now while the series has taken a very dark and captivating turn of event, there is still humor within the series, captured by the character Jimmy Olsen.  Now this doesn’t downgrade his character, in fact the dark realm here highlights just how important he is as character in the Superman realm and the realm of heroes.  He gives the issue and the characters around him a lighter air that make it worthwhile to read.

However, Evil Superman captivates too.





Forever Evil #6

Chapter Six: The Power of Mazahs!

Yeah, all Nightwing fans here are going to have a fit (I wonder how long I can postpone my mom from reading this issue – it’s worth a shot).

Now, the hooded figure has finally been revealed!  And as if we didn’t already didn’t know, it was Alexander Luthor of Earth-3.  I mean really, who else would have been a threat to the Crime Syndicate.  But there is more to him than meets the eye.  He has the power of Shazam, or rather the power of Mazahs (and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what that spells).

Now, the Crime Syndicate, mainly Superwoman and Ultraman, have figured out that Richard Grayson means a lot to Owlman, as much to him as it to Batman (maybe a little more since he lost how own Richard Grayson).  So Grid has conflicting orders, protect and kill.  So he compromised and put Dick into the Killing Machine, a bomb tied to his heart rate that Batman can’t disarm.  Now, while the Injustice League, are taking out the Crime Syndicate, Lex is handling the, uh, bomb thing.

Such an intense issue, but even I have to agree with what my mom will say here: they already took Damien from Batman, and Jason Todd once upon a time, that hasn’t changed, they cannot kill Nightwing.




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