Week 11 2014 | Part 3 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia A.


Nightwing #29

Safety Net

That really was a touching issue as far as Nightwing as concerned.

In this issue, Jen, a little girl that Dick and his friends have been watching, has lost her parents to a psychopath, one Mr. Zsasz, a man who cuts himself to mark each of his victims.  And she knows who Nightwing is show she stole his stuff (except his costume) and went after him.  But of course Nightwing saved her and took down the bad guy.

Now, what made this issue really sweet was the fact that it was mainly a narrative issue with Nightwing going through everything that made him the person that he is.  The issue goes through, touching on the Court of the Owls story line and the Death in the Family story arc.  Everything about it was sweet because it ends with him telling Jen that it will get better, and it does.

If fans didn’t already know that Issue 30 was going to be the last, well they sure do now.




Star Wars #15

The Princess Bride

NOTE: Dark Horse will continue to run their comics for the remainder of 2014, but the in 2015, Marvel is taking up the comic since Disney now owns Star Wars and Marvel.  Just a little friendly reminder.

Now, in this issue, Princess Leia has agreed to marry the prince of Arrochar in exchange for a safe haven for the rebel forces.  Of course, this would be a political marriage and fans can already guess how Han Solo and Luke Skywalker are taking this marriage agreement: not well.  Luke is acting like the brother, unknowingly, and Han, is well, Han, totally in love with her but not willing to accept it just yet…in the meantime though that doesn’t mean that she can just go marry anyone else.  Those two really are a pair made is heaven. 

Anyway, this has been an amazing story so far and the way the writers have expanded the Star Wars Universe, creating a story arc shortly after the events of A New Hope.  The writers give life and spunk to these characters that fans everywhere know and love and by doing so, they are able to captivate readers and turn this series into something amazing, even when the issues are slow paced, like this one.  This issue focuses on Princess Leia’s agreement to marry someone she does not love in order to protect the rebel forces, and on her face and through her narrative, readers are able to see what exactly is going through her mind, how she feels about it.  It also shows readers just how angry Luke Skywalker can get, how reckless he can get, making him a lot like Anakin Skywalker.  Like his aunt said in Episode 4 “he’s a lot like his father”, and this issue highlighted that with amazing subtle detail.

One of the best series out there in the Star Wars series.




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