Week 12 2014 | Part 1 | Comic Book Reviews

By: Cynthia A.


Justice League 3000 #4

The Terrible Truth

Yay!  Flash isn’t dead!  They had me going there for a moment.  Anyway, the truth has been revealed about this so called Justice League.  Turns out that these guys are not clones, but are, in fact, normal people who had their DNA re-written in order to be the Justice League.  That certainly explains a lot about their personality differences.

However, that is what makes this comic series so entrancing.  It’s those differences and the fact that they are more than what they seem that makes this comic series interesting as a whole.  The snappy dialogue and the re-creation of the Wonder Twins was a very interesting way to go about bringing this series to life.  For the world, while these characters have the same names of the heroes that kept the world safe in the past, they are still regarded as “pet projects” and not heroes within their own rights.  So have to get their act together and actually work as teammates rather than these people who are just thrown together.

It’s a fun comic that has really put a very cool spin on these new heroes and their origins as well as the wonder twins as a whole.  Green Lantern is in desperate trouble after scorning the love of one seriously powerful chick, the heroes have been banished to Earth (which is used as a prison) and now it’s up to the Flash (who was dead) and a new Firestorm to save them all.




Superboy #29

Homeward Bound

I miss Kon.  Don’t get me wrong, Jon is pretty cool and I have been waiting for the return of Superboy Prime for a very long time, since the tease of the Superboy vs. Superboy artwork back in 2013 and the snapshot of a Superboy trapped in a healing tank.  But seriously, I miss having Kon around so his “death” better not be permanent or else I am going to go all Supergirl prime on DC, that’s just a fact.

Back to this comic.  So Raven still knows that Superboy is not Superboy.  Additionally he and his new “friends” humans who were experimented on with powers, created for the same goal that drives him: save humans, meta-humans.  Not sure how interested I am in continuing to purchase this comic because it has lost some of the spark, the charm that hooked readers in to begin with.  While the Superboy Prime story arc was interesting in the beginning, it has become incredibly dull.  The story is monotonous, the writing and dialogue less than captivating, making this series a small reflection of what it once was.  This character has a goal, and he is certainly as delusional as the original but there is something lacking in this series that I can’t put my finger on.

I just don’t think I will continue to purchase this series after #30.





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