Day: 26/03/2014

Star Wars: Episode VII Location Rumor Suggests A Return To Hoth –

Author: Nick Venable Extra! Extra! Read all about it! New Star Wars: Episode VII rumor predicts J.J. Abrams’ sequel will center on a singing competition between Jedi and Sith, and…wait no, that’s not right. The latest round of gossip instead involves a well-known setting possibly reappearing in the highly anticipated flick, as hinted at by location speculation. In other words, you may want to buy a grain of salt to go with this story[…] Full article here:

Third Wolverine Solo Film Sets Writer, Jackman Expected Back – IGN

BY: JARED LARSON Deadline reports that Fox has hired writer David James Kelly to pen the next installment in the Wolverine solo film series. Kelly is also adapting Dark Horse’s MIND MGMT graphic novel and Sentinel, an original pitch that has nothing to do with X-Men’s robotic mutant hunters. He was a writer on Fox’s failed reboot of Daredevil before those rights reverted back to Marvel[…] Full article here:

Week 12 2014 | Part 2 | Comic Book Reviews

The Star Wars #6 — This issue just combined elements and scene similarities from episodes 2 to 6.  I’m not even kidding.  Reading this was by far one of the most entertaining of this miniseries so far due that one fact.  It’s interesting to see how exactly Lucas’s material has evolved and breathed life into an epic universe. However, this comic series is far from spectacular. The story is the story we all know, but very different.  Except there is a reason []

Prometheus 2 Hires Green Lantern Screenwriter, Multiple Michael Fassbenders Rumored –

Author: Eric Eisenberg Ridley Scott’s Prometheus wasn’t exactly the movie we were all hoping it would be, getting a less-than-stellar response from critics and ultimately failing to make back its budget at the domestic box office, but thanks to a solid performance overseas a Prometheus 2 has been pretty much guaranteed. While it hasn’t been made official yet, it’s rumored that the Untitled Ridley Scott Project that 20th Century Fox has set to come out on March 2016 will be a follow-up []