A Note To Writers


At World Light Review we are still seeking writers for the Young Adult, Fantasy and Science Fiction Section. Below are a list of topics that we’re seeking writers for. Please take a look. If there’s something in particular that you would like to write about, don’t hesitate to let me know:

Prospective Articles, Fantasy/Sci-fi
1. New Book/Film Reviews (Ongoing)
2. Comic Review (Ongoing)
3. A book, story, author, or film vs. another work does something similar (for example, Lost Boys vs. the original Fright Night). Ongoing
4. Blast from the Past, remembering sci-fi fantasy classics (analyze what makes them important/influential)   (Ongoing)
5. Top outlets for short sci-fi fiction
6. Top outlets for short fantasy fiction
7. Top Fantasy Poems
8. Top Sci-fi Poems
9. How does.Divergent the film measure up to the book?
10. Analysis of the Christian themes within The Hobbit.

Message me here or email me at tempest.nyx@gmail.com

Let me know what you think :)

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