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Week 13 2014 | Comic Book Reviews

Aquaman #29_resizeAquaman #29


So if you’ve been reading Aquaman comics you should know that in the last issue, a dumb archeologist stole Aquaman’s trident, hoping to release a gateway from Land to Atlantis via magic. In this issue, readers find out that the circumstances are far more dire than thought.

Turns out the Titans of Greek Mythology are as real as the Greek Gods themselves, as Wonder Woman has so accurately pointed out. And the Atlantians were the ones who built the trap for the Titans. And who the one who put them into the prison? The one and only Hercules who is a bit mad. But that’s to be expected considering that he has been trapped for so long with the Titans of old. That was certainly I plot twist I was not expecting and it made this issue worth reading. It was action packed and full of story, tying Aquaman and his lineage into the others, making it a well-rounded issue. As a whole, it was fast paced and action packed, but while the story was well written and gives the Aquaman some interesting foes, it is a bit lackluster and a little underwhelming. The story shifts from him to Mera, showcasing a part of the world that is going to pose a new threat, Swamp Thing. This isn’t to say that Jeff Parker is a bad writer, but picking up where Geoff Johns left up, he’s not up to par.

Still, I love Aquaman so I’m going to keep buying it.




Worlds' Finest #21_resizeWorlds’ Finest #21

First Contact Part 4

The First Contact story line continues here! The girls, Power Girl and Huntress, are fighting alongside Batman and Superman against Ken, Power Girls parallel boyfriend who is working for Evil Superman of Earth 2.

Now this was a great story arc because it brings Huntress and Power Girl face to face with Batman and Superman, duplicates of the two men who meant so much to them, who influenced them as people, trained then and taught them everything they know. While maintaining the seriousness of the issue where Power Girl begins to think with her heart and not her brain the moment she sees Superman back on Earth 2 and her home, there is still the comic relief with Superman, Batman and Huntress. They are parallels of each other, but different at the same time, and the fact that the girls are dealing with these guys who are duplicates is amazing. Batman and Huntress have this dynamic between them and create a wonderful sense of humor with their dynamic. They fight in sync and Huntress even makes Batman smile, even fist bumping him. That was a priceless moment. And then Superman x-ray’s Power Girl, making her feel violated. It was just a fun issue that continues the fun lighthearted feel and sibling like dynamic between the characters that the series began with.

This series has been a great addition to the DC Comic list.





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