Week 14 2014 | Part 1 | Comic Book Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

DC Universe vs. Masters #6

DC Universe vs. Masters #6

DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe #6

Cracking Skulls

The final issue in this amazing crossover brining two boy scouts from different dimensions together.  Orko, sweet little Orko, has been transformed by evil magic, turning him into an evil monster (redundant I know, but it’s the perfect description).  He is a God on Trolla and has remade the world in his image, and he has captured Superman and has cast mind control over all the worlds’ greatest heroes to stop Skeletor, Batman, the JLD and the Masters from disrupting his evil plot to take over the world, taking the worlds magic and leaving Earth a husk.  While all that is happening, He-Man has gone to rescue Superman and the two boy scouts take on Orko, bringing him to Earth where they are all going to save the world.

So this was a great issue.  The plot line was amazing and the fact that it was Batman, who really brought them all together, with help from John Constantine of course, was interesting and fun.  Tony Bedard put an amazing script together for this series and this issue in particular.  Having the world think that Superman was dead and that He-Man really was the man who killed him was a perfect way to  lead up to this conclusion because while these heroes are being hunted they are trying to survive a world of a very angry Wonder Woman.

As a whole, the issue offered readers a very fulfilling ending to a story while also leaving the door open for He-Man comics in regards to Skeletor and Orko.




Red Lanterns #29

Red Lanterns #29

Red Lanterns #29

Red Daughter of Krypton: Forever

Well it’s about damn time Superman told her off.  Seriously, Kara has just been one disastrous character since the new 52, keeping everything so bottled up inside her and literally punching her cousin whenever he tries to offer her a helping hand in trying to find acceptance in this new world.  Finally in this latest issue of Red Lanterns, Guy brings her to Earth in order to try to figure out what to do about her and tell Superman what has happened to his cousin.  Of course, she throws a boat at him when he just tries to talk to her.  Honestly, she’s a child.

However, the fact that she is a Red Lantern may just help her understand all the issues that she has going on and actually allow for her character to grow up and accept things for what they are and that they cannot be changed.  My god, she’s so much like Power Girl was before the reboot: a character who was stoic with such a lack of personality than an actual person.

All in all, this was a good issue if only because of Guy and Superman teaming up to talk to Supergirl and explain everything.  Oh, and of course Superman finally told her off which should have happened way sooner.  Honestly though, can Supergirl please gain a personality and grow up?  Power Girl has lost two worlds and she’s accepting things as they are.  Of course, Power Girl also opens herself up to other people, something Supergirl doesn’t.  All Supergirl does is whine and complain and le her rage overwhelm her.



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