Week 14 2014 | Part 2 | Comic Book Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

Continuation of the latest in comic reviews. This article features reviews on The Flash #29 that sums up the keystone killer mystery and adds more mystery to his mothers death; Superman #29 as he teams up with Starfire to teach evil a lesson and Supergirl #29, analyzing the lead into future stories and the future between Supergirl and the Silver Banshee.

The Flash #29

The Flash #29

Digging Up the Past: Part 3

Patty and Barry, the chemistry between the characters is amazing.  Ever since the reboot, both of the characters have worked together in order to solve everything, to be together through the superhero mess and their mess as crime fighters.  Their lives are far from perfect, but the fact that Patty supports him and tries to help him find peace with his mothers’ murder is a cornerstone in their relationship and what works between the characters.

Now, onto the story I suppose.

This latest issue sums up the mystery behind the keystone killer as The Flash and Deadman are teaming up to put an end to a restless spirit.  Together, these guys, with the help of the ever so wonderful Patty Sivot, track down the Keystone phantom’s next target as he is continuing his revenge to kill the descendants of the man who left him for dead.  Can’t really blame him considering he was murdered in such a brutal fashion.  More tension was added to the story when the facts become muddled and Barry’s own paternity comes into question.  Of course, it added more to the story, especially after that ending.  The men who are both fathers to Barry are hiding the truth about Nora’s (his mother) murder.  But why?  It obvious that his father didn’t kill his mother yet he’s locked up for it nonetheless.

That has left the door wide open for such mystery within the story that has long propelled Barry into doing what he does best.  It has hooked the reader in for future issues but also allows for issues to maintain their own substance, this keystone killer arc being the perfect example.  While his mothers’ death is the mystery is the background, the arc itself about the killer holds a lot within it to send the reader looking in every direction accept the correct one.  Oh the power of misdirection.



Superman #29

Superman #29

1,000 Degrees in the Shade

Well someone certainly doesn’t like Superman.

The last issue left off with Starfire barging in on Superman as he handles an investigation. In this issue, she continues to insult him. Not the best way for these two to hit it off I’d say. Of course, she is the kind of person who is going to kill first ask questions later and Superman, the eternal boy scout, will not kill. Of course, leave it to him to find an alternative to killing.

So of course, the pair of them go off on a hunt to find the Daemonite’s, beings who are constantly trying to discover ways of taking over the world. But again, these two are constantly butting heads due to the fact that Starfire will kill if necessary, whether it be child or man. She’s more ruthless than she ever was before, but at least in this issue, as well as in Red Hood comics, she is willing to open up her alternatives…even if only for a short time.

I have to say, it was about time these two met up. They are both incredibly powerful beings, separated from their homes, but in incredibly different ways, that has shaped the pair of them as incredibly different people. A human element has been added to both of these characters in the way they interact with one another.

Additionally, the side stories with Cat Grant and Lois Lane are amazingly done. Both bring readers something new, and in Cat’s case make her likable. Gotta say, Superman is capturing attention here, I wonder how G. Johns is going to take on the big blue boy scout. Seriously, everything that man touches is gold.




Supergirl #29

Supergirl #29

Red Daughter of Krypton Part 1: Inner Demons

Of course the events in this comic take place before Red Lanterns.

The red ring of rage has taken over in this latest issue and it has completely taken control over Kara.  So now she must battle the Silver Banshee, her former roommate and friend Siobhan.  Letting lose her own inner demon, Siobhan is battling the rage filled Supergirl to reign her in and protect those around her.

Easier said than done considering the fact that she is simultaneously fighting the Silver Banshee within her for control.  Siobhan is amazing, her control, her power is overwhelming her and yet she’s still able to hold her own against Supergirl, her best friend.

Now, the issue is also opening many doors for future story arcs revolving around Supergirl as a Red Lantern.  She still has Lobo to deal with and there is the Blaze creature that has been let loose from it’s prison, a creature Dr. Veritas fears with every fiber of her being.  Then the brutal ending, of seeing a world invaded by ruthless creatures that are killing in the name of a “sacred” task.  This is a brutally all Red Lanterns rage against, and a hint of where Supergirl’s fight will take her.

Over all a good issue, but the real star here was Siobhan, not Supergirl.




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