Week 14 2014 | Part 3 | Comic Book Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

An opinionated review on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #11, what makes it so gripping and Marvel’s one-shot Captain America: Homecoming, that teams up Capt. with Black Widow as they go to Brooklyn, for more than just the milkshakes.

He-Man and the Masters #11

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #11

What Lies Within Part 5

Well, that was unexpected.  All right, so here we go.

This story arc began with King Randor taking his son and team deep into Subternia, a realm of magic and dreams turned nightmarish because of Hordak’s invasion.  But events have taken a turn for the worse.

King Randor is dead and in his place, the Snake King of old has lead this band of heroes into a trap to kidnap He-Man.  The purpose?  To use him and give the Snake People life again in order to take back Eternia from everyone who has taken over it.  Someone certainly has a god complex, after all, that was what caused his race to die out to begin with.  He sought godly power and thus cursed his people to extinction.

Some people never learn.

That was just an amazing issue because it was so unexpected.  When you think the story is going to go in one direction, it goes into another direction, taking the reader by surprise.  Let’s also no forget the characterization and dialogue.  Teela, as always, was captured amazingly.  Her character has such a wild and strong spark within her and she is able to capture the readers attention.  The artwork surrounding her design and action sequences also help in making her shine because they just show how powerful of a character she is.

This series just keeps getting more and more exciting.



Captain America Homecoming #1
Captain America: Homecoming #1

Captain America: Homecoming #1


That was fun.

In this latest issue, Captain America and Black Widow take a sightseeing tour around Brooklyn.  Hopefully readers have picked this one up right after you’ve seen Captain America.  The writers here have expanded the friendship and the dynamic between Black Widow and Captain America, which is why this issue worked.

Together these two are beating up the bad guys while Natasha is allowing him to relieve his nostalgia of when he was growing up in Brooklyn.  Readers are able to see the homesickness within his character and are able to see the lighter less serious side of him.

It didn’t have a deep story, nothing about it really stood out except for the fact that it was fun and allowed readers to see that lighter side.  The dialogue was snappy and the artwork that went  into the facial expressions was captivating.  As a whole.  It was a good issue to pick up and read.



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