Week 16 2014 | Part 1 | Comic Book Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

A review of the latest comics,  This post features reviews on Superboy #30, delving into the unstable psyche of Jon, the son of Supeman and adopted son of Harvest, the Teen Titan’s greatest enemy (thus far) and Justice League 3000 #5, continuing the fun adventures of this dysfunctional team.

Superboy #30

Superboy #30

Superboy #30

Forget the Past

That was better than expected.  What this new stream of Superboy comics has given fans is a new look, and better introduction of a new Superboy Prime.  Fans of the original know that he was far too powerful and had absolutely no vulnerabilities.  This new one however, while still inescapably insane, is not only fragile but also dying.  And while I would like the return of Kon (sooner rather than later) this story arc following Jon, the son of Superman and adopted son of mad man Harvest, has opened a lot of opportunities.

Within this issue, writers have reintroduced The Guardian, a Superhero that is human, not a meta that Superboy was raised to kill.  These are people he has opened up to, somewhat.  They have discovered his genetic structure and the fact that he is not from this time line or Earth.

While this is happened though, Kuder has opened up that psychological doorway, introducing the insanity this character has within him.  Little by little, readers can see his past and the horrific acts that he committed, along with a bit of his upbringing.  It’s very intriguing how it flowed, beforehand the writing was a muddled mess, but in this most recent issue, the writing around his personality and the set of circumstances he has found himself in is clear.  However, it is unclear where his alliance is, if he wants to try at being “good” or if he wants to remain the way he has been groomed, offering readers something enticing as his character continues to go slightly mad bit by bit.

Maybe I won’t quit this comic just yet.



Justice League 3000 #5

Justice League 3000 #5

Justice League 3000 #5

Firestorm Rising!

Hilarious.  There is no Fury of Firestorm in this latest issue, it’s more like he’s a true hot head ready for some action…after he gets his head out of his tushie.

This series has continued to impress as it brings together a Justice League that has the same heroes but gives them completely different personalities.  Take the two head honchos for example: Superman is a narcissist and Batman has a sense of humor.  The last issue revealed that these heroes are not clones in the typical sense but rather, as Superman points out, parasites.  Their DNA was used to override the DNA of actual living people, people who have officially been erased from existence.

Now they are faced with some ethical and internal dilemma’s as they face they survive the bad guys they have been trapped with.  Talk about a dilemma.  Moreover, since Firestorm has officially been introduced into the mix, his creation does not sit well with the trio who now have knowledge of their new origins, creating more tension among this group of heroes who don’t get along with one another…much.

This is a fun series and this issue continues to improve on this story arc and characterization.  Their fun and the way the characters interact with one another, arguing within one another.




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