Week 16 2013 | Part 3 | Comic Book Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

The final part of this weeks reviews following Batman as he embarks for the search for his son’s stolen body in Batman and Wonder Woman #30 and a look at the fallout of the Infinity Series in Inhuman #1 presented by Marvel Comics.

Batman and Wonder Woman #30

Batman and Wonder Woman #30

Batman and Wonder Woman #30

The Hunt for Robin: Paradise and Wonder

Awesome.  P. J. Tomasi is one of those writers who can keep a story line interesting, even when he takes detours from it.  In this latest issue, Ra’s has found his way to Paradise Island where all the Amazonian’s give Batman such a warm welcome.  

Of course, Wonder Woman stands by his side and together the pair of them begin the hunt for Ra’s Al Ghul.  Before embarking on the journey the pair must consult the Oracle, and the funniest part of the issue was the way Batman interacted with her.  His was as stiff, serious and respectful as always, but the way that they interacted with one another brought a smile to my face.

And as the issue progressed, the story became more heartwarming as Wonder Woman and Batman have a heart to heart about Damien, about how he found the light even though he was born and raised in darkness.  Tomasi is a good writer and delivered a solid story with good characterization and dialogue.  Tomasi’s writing really is the only reason I’m hooked on the series.  He’s good!




Inhuman #1

Inhuman #1

Inhuman #1

Part 1: Genesis

Charles Soule is a very talented writer.  With the new Inhuman series, he is able to capture what makes the Inhumans so powerful and strong, not just by their powers, but their resolve as well.

The series picks up after the fall out of the INFINITY series.  Medusa, Queen of the Inhumans is alone, her husband presumed dead and her son missing in action.  And yet her strength does not leave her.  Her kingdom has crumbled beneath her because of her husbands actions, and there are those who are trying to create more Inhumans, to undo what Black Bolt did.

This is just the beginning of a new war in this new monthly series that is bringing the classic characters, the iconic ones like Medusa, and giving them new life with new story lines.  Additionally, Soule is creating a new Inhuman team to pick up the pieces of INFINITY.

The story telling was, over all, amazing.  Soule tells the story with clarity, leaving no stone unturned.  His characterization is also very well done.  Dante for example is a new character that doesn’t have the most unique ability.  But who he is and the events that made him, make him a strong character.  The personality around his character doesn’t fall into the cliché of someone who wants revenge or do good.  He’s just a character trying to figure out what to do next.  That lost feeling within his character also doesn’t detract from his bright personality.  Dante is just trying to figure things out, and that is believable.

Also, the artwork here is phenomenal.  All the lines, the shading, the overall detail and texture surrounding each character simply amazing.



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