Week 17 2014 | Part 1 | Comic Book Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

A review on the latest issues that goes over and applauds the work with Cyborg and his place in Justice League comics, as proven in the delayed release of Justice League #29 and how Harley Quinn continues to shine in her campy series, and the reasons why are shown in the latest issue, Harley Quinn #5.

Justice League #29

Justice League #29

Justice League #29


Now isn’t that a snazzy cover, each of the Metal Men look like a Justice League member. But onto the actual story.

The Justice League is still M.I.A. leaving Cyborg to find another alternative to saving the world. So looking for Dr. Magnus, Cyborg brings back the Metal Men to save the day and take on Grid. About darn time this issue was finally released also.

Now, while the Forever Evil story line is cool by bringing back the Crime Syndicate from Earth 3, the story itself in this series has begun to start to lag. Thankfully, it’s coming to a close soon, but still, it’s already becoming far too slow to keep readers entertained.

Nevertheless, Cyborg is a character who has proven that he can carry the comic on his own. No longer a Teen Titan like he was before the new 52, Cyborg has been given the opportunity to flourish as a character and rise to the occasion. Additionally, DC gave him a very well designed make over that makes him more lean, while keeping him formidable. Over all, it was a very good, had a solid narrative and fun dialogue. The Metal Men are great heroes and have a lot to offer the DC Universe.




Harley Quinn #5

Harley Quinn #5

Harley Quinn #5

The Hunt for Red Octogenarians

This is such a fun and campy series. This is the way that Harley Quinn should be written, the way she should be characterized. She is a fun, crazy psychotic character who always seems to have her heart in the right place.

Now, in this series during the day she’s Dr. Harlen Quinzel, with blond hair and a suit to match as she works in a nursing home, truly caring for her patients. But of course, at night, why hide? Out and about as Harley Quinn with good ol’ “Beatrice” (her hammer), she helps one of her patients as he takes revenge on his enemies.

From art direction to writing, this is such a fun series. The artists really captures Harley’s fun side while also making her new costume design a fun little piece. As Nurse Harley she goes out, being villainous to a degree. The quirky dialogue and story line is what made this issue fun to read. This is Paul Dini’s Harley Quinn, the girl with spunk, the girl with smarts but all too obvious blond moments, and the girl with a warm/crazy heart. Is this series campy? Yes, totally! But that is where all the charm lies in the series, the campiness.

All in all, this is one stellar series.



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