Week 17 2014 | Part 2 | Comic Book Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

Review on the latest comics continued from Monday.  This article features reviews on Green Lantern: New Guardians #30, a series where the righting is beginning to falter, Supergirl #30 that continues to explore the rage inside her as she continues her way as a Red Lantern and finally Batman/Superman #9, the missing part in the First Contact story arc that has already been concluded.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #30
Green Lantern: New Guardians #30

Green Lantern: New Guardian #30

How the Gods Kill: The Godkillers Part 3

Kyle Raynor is becoming something more than a lantern with his power over the white lantern ring. However, while this issue was a fun action packed issue that shows the extent of Kyle’s power, the story as a whole was underwhelming.

And that’s not new.

The story arc in these past issues have turned this comic series into an incredibly underwhelming series full of dull stories, even if the characterizations are well done, the story as a whole, especially in this issue, was particularly underwhelming. A new enemy has been introduced since the last issue, with weapons that can handle lantern constructs, and just like that, they are gone.

While the story moves quickly, it’s just not captivating. Honestly, Kyle Raynor is the only reason I’m still buying this series but the writing, the stories need to become interesting.




Supergirl #30
Supergirl #30

Supergirl #30

    Red Daughter of Krypton Part 2: Red Rememberance

So far, Supergirl isn’t floundering, but rather rising to the occasion of a red lantern. Of course, Tony Bedard is a great writer and knows just how to create the perfect characterization for a rage filled character (Flashpoint: Aquaman).

Anyway, in this issue, there was finally some character growth for Supergirl! So yay! As a red lantern, Supergirl has finally found a semblance of a home, of a family who accept her for who she is. Her character is coming to terms with everything that she has kept bottled up inside her and, while she’s still an angsty character, she has a side of her that.

Over all, a good arc going on here so far along with good dialogue. There is finally something worth reading about Supergirl. I wonder how long it’s going to last.




Batman/Superman #9
Batman/Superman #9

Batman/Superman #9

First Contact – Part 3

My goodness this issue was late. Part four has already been released, and if you’re an impatient person who is like me and has already read it, you already know how this story arc ends.

Nevertheless, it was a good issue…even if it was a month behind. Superman has the nanites inside him and both he and Batman are starting to have flashes of Earth 2, of their adventures there in the first story arc of Batman/Superman comics. All the while, while Superman is with Helena, Huntress, sneaking into Gammora while Power Girl and Batman are going head to head with Ken, the doppelganger of her boyfriend who is dead (at the hands of Fury).

So, it’s a tension filled issue with Power Girl and Huntress really coming to terms with the fact that these guys are not the men that were like fathers to them. A lot of tension is rising in the series, especially in this story arc.

However, as a Bat-fan, I’m not particularly fond of the way that Pak is writing Batman. He’s not trusting, which is a true aspect, but it’s a little too stiff here in this issue, detracts from the connection that Superman and Batman are supposed to have. Huntress also, has lost her softer edge, becoming harsher, rude even, to Superman. Having dealt with Power Girl, its out of character for the way she is written in WORLDS’ FINEST. But at least readers have the missing part in the First Contact story arc.



Let me know what you think :)

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