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Grey’s Anatomy Recap/Review – “We Are Never Ever Getting”

By: Cynthia Ayala 

A recap and review on the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy that brings back Isaiah Washington to reprise his role as Burke and cue’s Sandra Oh’s exit from the show.

Personally, I haven’t been watching this show, in fact I haven’t watched it since George was on the show. In fact, even before that. The cast became far too large, not to mention slutty, and the stories became utter disasters. But for Sandra Oh, for her character Christina and Isaiah Washington.

Sandra Oh as Christina
Sandra Oh as Christina

This is the second to last episode for the Farewell Christina episodes that is marking her exit from the series. Christina, played by Sandra Oh, has been invited to speak at a conference, unknown that the invitation to speak was offered by Burke (Isaiah Washington) himself.

This sparks a lot of emotion and confusion for Christina who does not know what is going on, if he wants her back. And then around the world, there is a lot of tension as the hospital begins to lose some grants for having a particular connection to an organization. This has put the hospital on edge.

Sandra Oh and Isaiah Washington
Sandra Oh and Isaiah Washington

To be honest, I am happy that I was able to watch this episode, because I was able to see just how far the show has progressed. It astounds me how much drama is in this world and how the doctors actually let it interfere with their surgeries. And the cast is even bigger than it was before! How does a show work like that, how does it function with such a large cast, with each of them facing their own individual dilemma’s and struggles. I counted; there are at least 15 people who are part of the main cast, where the stories take time to go over each character and their own struggles.

I remembered why I stopped watching his show, and that problem continues to persists, unfortunately. While the diagnosis and surgical stories are well structured and thought out and some of the central, most central character drama stories allow for a decent understanding and attachment to the characters, much of the cast has to vanish. The show functioned better when it was a much smaller cast because then, everyone had the same amount of screen time.

The love once upon a time...
The love once upon a time…

At least the focus of the story was about Christina and her exit. This episode went back to the core writing, for the most part, even though the other subplot’s suffered due to the shifting in character points and drama. The show has lost much of it’s essence, that much is evident, but this show and finally focusing the show around a central figure, brought back some it’s lost charm. Sandra Oh is an amazing actress and bringing back Isaiah Washington was such a brilliant move. Isaiah Washington and Sandra Oh have this dynamic between them, and there is finally closure for their story, for their love that has brought everything full circle, allowing the show to close the door on her character, on both of them in a proper manner, and that’s why this episode was so essential, why his guest appearance was essential. It’s also good to note that at least, despite all the drama that went on off screen causing his dismissal, that producers and writers were able to be professional and invite him back. Not only did it provide a good exit for Christina and closure, but it also gave Isaiah Washington a chance to find closure for his own character and close the door on him. So definitely worth the watch.

Let me know what you think :)

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