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Week 18 2014 | Part 1 | Comic Book Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

This weeks reviews on the latest comic books. This article features reviews on two of the prequels to the upcoming SUPERMAN DOOMED story arc. The first is Superman/Wonder Woman #7 and goes into depth on the connection between the pair of Super Powered Super Heroes, congratulating the writing and the dynamic between the characters and Superman #30, which continues to build the rise of one of the most fearsome characters in the DC Universe.


Superman/Wonder Woman #7
Superman/Wonder Woman #7

Superman/Wonder Woman #7


While I miss Lois and Clark, the connection that Soule has developed a beautiful and strong relationship between the pair of them. It has been a strong connection for DC to make, putting two strong personalities together, even for the meantime. While all readers know that this relationship is not going to last, the foundation and connection between the characters.

That being said, it’s no wonder this series is a hit. The writing really is amazing and the story arcs leave nothing to be desired. Following the events of the last issue, the two survived an atomic explosion to foil the plot of Zod and Foara, who is basically Ursa with a new name. Now the issue just concludes the story to show the connection between the characters and the love that each feels for the other, the honeymoon before the new Doomsday story arc begins, threatening the life of Superman who died in the past stopping the creature, as all fans should know.

It gives the rise to the connection between the characters and will allow for a lot of development, even heartbreak between the characters.

As a whole, the issue is very good as is the artwork. The texture, shading and detail were put together very well, even the subtle details such as the stars on Diana’s red t-shirt, which pays homage to the first Wonder Girl.





Superman #30
Superman #30

Superman #30

All Good Things Must End

Picking up where SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #7 left off, Doomsday is rising up the sea depth. Something has happened in Smallville, causing Superman’s emotions to stir. People he grew up with, friends who stood by him, are falling to the ground unconscious. And then there is the Eradicator who is hiding in Smallville to warn Superman of Doomsday and to tell him that he will be the doom of the people.

This issue also gives readers a new twist in the Lois and Clark story by turning Lois into a 12th level intellect where she is working, under the control it would seem, of Brainiac. While that is a twist in the story, it is also very interesting, while not completely unique. It’s not the first time a woman Clark cares about has been turned into a psionic minion for evil.

A nice change in this series was General Lane, who is now Senator Lane. He is in Smallville, investigate the strange happenstance and welcomes Superman with open arms. Although they may not be friends, both can work together, which they never could before the New 52.

Over all, as a prelude to the Superman Doomed story arc, it works very well. Character dynamic was strong and so is the build to the story evolution that will lead to something (hopefully) epic.




Let me know what you think :)

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