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Week 18 2014 | Part 2 | Comic Book Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

Continuation of the latest comic book reviews. This piece features reviews on Red Lanterns #30 bringing Atrocitus and Guy in the same vicinity; The Flash #30 where the story splits into 2 with the Future Flash determined to kill himself in the past and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #12 that introduces a new Sorceress: Teela!

Red Lanterns #30
Red Lanterns #30

Red Lanterns #30

Judgment Day Part 1 (of 3)

To be quite honest I buy this series all for Dex-Starr because his origin broke my heart and he is an exceptionally cute little kitty!

Now, onto the issue. A new red lantern has surfaced on a world where justice seems to be dead and royalty and bureaucracy are toxic, poisoned by greed, gluttony and cruelty. One judge died in the name of justice, and rage has filled her heart to know that her world, that her ideals have long been forgotten, blinded and bought by gold.

A strong sub-plot within the story that leads to tie together the epic meeting between Atrocitus and his former red lantern core followers. Nothing bad better happen to Dex-Starr or so help me. While the unforgettable meeting has commenced, Supergirl finds herself bonding with Bleeze who pities her, who acknowledges the great weight and pain that comes with being a Red Lantern. There is a reason they invoke justice, to prevent more of them because they are such broken people who have suffered in unimaginable ways. Soule has really done wonders here with Bleeze, developing her character and making a connection between her and Kara.

Overall, a very good issue…but nothing is allowed to happen to Dex-Starr or I will go Red Lantern Supergirl Prime on DC.



The Flash #30
The Flash #30

The Flash #30

Lost Time

So, this picks up after FOREVER EVIL, which hasn’t even been concluded yet. But whatever, that really has no bearing on the story, except that Barry and Patty are still together, thank heavens. Now, picking up with the last issue, the city is in ruins because of all the crime that the Crime Syndicate encouraged, causing Barry to run himself tired as he tries to fix his city little by little.

But now the precinct has been put under a psyche evaluation to ensure that everyone is fit for duty, which is easier said than done for Barry who has a double life, balancing his responsibilities as the Flash and Crime Scene Investigator Barry Allen he really is lucky to have a girlfriend like Patty who is completely understanding and accepting of who he is.

While that’s going on in the present, there is the build to the Future’s End, where he failed to prevent a car accident costing him the life of Wally West, forcing Flash from twenty years into the future to make an attempt to undo the past as it happened five years from the current timeline.

However, there was one little issue I had with the issue. The fact that he called out Iris’s name in the very beginning bothered me because Patty is the woman for him, she gave her life for him, helped Kid Flash resent the timeline in Flashpoint. That was the winning point, the fact that she took on the Flash mantel (even by bike) to help resent time. He belongs with Patty, not Iris. Just saying.




He-Mas and the Masters of the Universe #12
He-Mas and the Masters of the Universe #12

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #12

What Lies Within Part 6

The reason this series works is because it’s not reinventing He-Man. If you are a fan of the original animated series and you pay attention to all the details within this series, you’ll notice that it really takes place after the series. Skeletor finally won, but then he lost. The Sorceress died, but everyone knew her daughter would take her place one day. That day is now.

As the band of heroes continue to make their way through subternia, they have found themselves face to face with snake men brought back to life and their leader Hsss who has taken over King Randor’s body making Adam the new King of Eternia.

This really was a shock of an issue as Teela becomes the new Sorceress that Eternia needs. That’s her on the cover, the new sorceress of Serpos! It has become a very intense story that is really becoming it’s own thing rather than a copycat story of the original series. This series is not a reboot, but rather a build on what has already been laid out before them.

The story and writing in this issue had a lot of depth to it. It taps into the strength and heart of He-Man showing the pain he suffers throughout this story arc. Over all, a very strong story.



2 thoughts on “Week 18 2014 | Part 2 | Comic Book Reviews Leave a comment

  1. It’s been reported by the creators that this is actually a complete new take on the characters from Mattel and DC. It does not take place after. NONE of what has happened in 80s version or the 2000-reboot has happened.

    Everything happens “for the first time” in this new version. 🙂


    • I love that! Thanks for the information 🙂 Even if it doesn’t take place after it though it makes so many great and subtle allusions to the 80’s version…which is probably why I love it so much 🙂


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