Week 19 2014 | Part 2 | Comic Book Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

A continuation of the latest in comic book reviews. Here is the final issue of the Teen Titans in Teen Titans Annual #3 that brings back not one, but two lost characters and ties up some, if not all, loose ends, Earth 2 #23 that pits Superman against Lois Lane, also known as Red Tornado and evaluated Tom Taylor’s writing in as he continues this dark story and finally a review of The New 52: Future’s End #1, one of DC’s new weekly series that comes off as incredibly off-putting and an unviable disappointment .

Teen Titans Annual #3

Teen Titans Annual #3

Teen Titans Annual #3

Be Careful What You Wish For

The final issue of the Teen Titans series by Scott Lobdell. Lasting a good 30 issues, the series has recreated fundamental characters and the team dynamics as it build a very strong story, even if some of the issues were a bit underwhelming.

In this last issue, Skitter finally returns to the team for the final battle between the Teen Titans and Harvest. It was a wonderful fast paced issue that has caused this gal right here to read the issue 3 times. The characterization was so essential in this issue and even though it was missing Superboy, Kid Flash and Solstice, the other characters more than made up for it, especially Bunker who has such a bright light about him that keeps his character shining. The Bunker character really is the most captivating character in the series, even though I am in love with Red Robin and love what Lobdell has done with the Wonder Girl character. And it was great to see Skitter return considering her last appearance left her fate in the balance and her character very underdeveloped.

Additionally, while the story was fast paced as a whole and a good story, it has some very crucial plot holes in regards to that message that Red Robin created for the future in regards to Superboy. It seems as though that entire story arc, that involved the Superboy switch, was mostly forgotten. While that bugs me as a writer, I can understand it, even though it really didn’t fit with the story because it allowed for the story with Harvest to find closure and close this chapter on the Teen Titans series.

Nevertheless, as far as last issues go, this one made the series come full circle and had amazing characterization overall and really secured the team dynamics.




Earth 2 #23

Earth 2 #23

Earth 2 #23

The Kryptonian Part 3

If there’s one thing comics have taught me about Superman is that should Lois get hurt or die, fear that wrath of Superman because he will go crazy, and add into some brainwashing from Darkseid, yeah, be ready for hell to reign.

Now, over all this is a decent series. It’s been the same story arc since the beginning, and usually I find that incredibly boring and tedious. However, even the story is the same arc since the first issue; the story is evolving, and a very important aspect most writers seem to forget. Taylor has knack for getting gritty with his work and showing readers something dark in the world of DC Comics, but he also has a knack for making his story arcs a little too intense to the point that they start to lose their edge and go off on a tangent. That seems to be happening now. While the story is interesting, it’s starting to lose strength and interest. Here you have a massively powerful super-villain, Superman, who is raising conflict within all the characters, Red Tornado especially who just so happens to be Lois Lane.

The issue offers up a varied amount of tension and story within it and gives readers an interesting set-up, but after the reveal of the newest key player, the new Kryptonian Val-Zod, the story is losing momentum, as I’ve already said. Something explosive needs to happen in order to keep readers entertained because the insane Superman is getting old.




The New 52: Future's End #1

The New 52: Future’s End #1

The New 52: Future’s End #1

Into the Future onto the End

Eh. Not an incredibly impressive issue. The story doesn’t seem to have a solid cohesive plot line. Terry, from Batman Beyond, has been given a great task to save humanity from Brother Eye, except his timing is off. Brother Eye has already been created and instituted by Mr. Terrific.

My first thought about this arc is the story. First, Brother Eye already exists, he was introduced in Omac: Omactivate! Next, Mr. Terrific was blasted black to Earth 2. I understand that this is a what if sort of universe, but really, it already has so many wholes within the story and doesn’t have a very captivating story. It shifts from Firestorm to Grifter to Batman (Terry) but none of the stories share a common arc, they are just sort of there doing their own thing and have no tie together. Then there’s Grifter who is usually a very cool character, but his personalization was so incredibly off-putting that it had to be Azzarello. Azzarello has a way of making his characters incredibly dark, but dark doesn’t always work. With Batman yes, that’s his niche and he’s amazing when he writes Batman but here, it’s just as off-putting as Wonder Woman is. I love broody characters as much as the next girl, in fact, those are my favorites, but here, it’s so, it’s bad.

The story doesn’t move smoothly, it doesn’t fit well together at all. Someone’s going to have to fill me in on what happens because this is not worth my money on a weekly basis.



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