Week 19 2014 | Part 3 | Comic Book Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

Spinning into the Marvel area of comics, the week concludes with the first two issues of the Original Sin story arc, Original Sin #0 & Original Sin #1. As a mini-series, does this have a solid opening with the proper characterization that can hook in any reader? Or, is this just another lame attempt at trying to create something that should be worthwhile, bringing in a rather large cast that can send the story spinning into a hundred different directions?

Original Sin #0
Original Sin #0

Original Sin #0

Who is the Watcher?

I don’t normally read marvel comics, but this story arc seemed incredibly interesting, to the point that I had to pick this issue up and read it. In the end, I have to say that I was impressed.

This issue is told by the perspective of Nova, a kid who took up his father’s mantel and has been going around being a Superhero. But of course, as a kid, he is curious about the watcher. Thus the reader is given history, and a well thought out history as well, that connects two characters, even though one doesn’t speak at all.

A narrative based issue by a very charismatic character, Nova, the issue really does offer much to readers. There is humor, there is action, sadness, everything that can fulfill a reader. This issue is the prologue to the Original Sin story arc that has been established to show that the watcher is going to die. But why and how, is the question. Here, readers are just given a reason why they should care about this character.

A very good prologue to this new mini-series.




Original Sin #1
Original Sin #1

Original Sin #1

Who Shot the Watcher?

The watcher has been shot and mutilated. Someone was watching the Watcher, someone he caught, and someone who wanted something very precious from him…his eyes. It’s a very disturbing turn of events that has brought together a star cast. Bringing together the avengers, ant-man, and my personal favorites, Emma Frost & Wolverine, a mystery has been handed to them.

Going from scene to scene the issue continues to show the pull of why the characters are being pulled together, as well as the how. There is also the addition of the crew not wholly liking each other as each has been put together on the offensive. Take Dr. Strange and the Punisher, they hate each other, and yet, here they are, a team of two doing the things they do best.

Now, the mystery that has been set up seems to have been well put together. As a whole it fits together well and allows the readers to be impressed that, given the rather large cast, there is a cohesive nature that really ties the whole issue together.

Over all, impressed at the moment.





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