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Week 21 2014 | Part 1 | Comic Book Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

NOTE: Hey there comic book enthusiasts, sorry for the lack of reviews this past week. My poor kitty got hit by a car (he’s alive, thank you for the concern – just has a fractured hip) and his hospitalization and home care requirements was, as you can imagine, pricey. But seeing as he seems to be doing better now, I can catch up, not only on my reading, but on my comic book reviews as well. I hope all you had a swell Memorial Day weekend (I was working Wed-Mon – but no biggie, I love my job), and I’m glad you guys are sticking with me and I hope you enjoy these two reviews of Batman and Frankenstein #31 and Red Hood and the Outlaws #31.

Batman and Frankenstein #31
Batman and Frankenstein #31

Batman and Frankenstein #31 (RELEASE DATE: MAY 21ST, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $2.99)

City of Cold

Batman and Frankenstein continues to follow Batman as he searches for the bodies of his son and his sons mother, Talia, who have been dug up by Ra’s Al Ghul so that he can resurrect his family. Now, personally, I’m all for that, I miss Damian, but this has led for a very interesting story that has allowed for some interesting team ups. This issue being the prime example.

Months ago, soon after the death of Damian Wayne, a moment I would prefer never happened, Batman and Frankenstein encountered one another under terrifying circumstances. Grief stricken, looking for ways to bring his son back to life, Batman captured and dissected Frankenstein to try and figure out how to bring him back to life. This also led to Red Robin stitching him back together. So, needless to say, these two characters did not leave off on the best of circumstances.

However, fate seems to have brought them back together as Batman hunts for the stolen body of his son. Tomasi is, by far, one of my favorite comic book writers because he is able to create such a wonderful story, making it fun, while at the same time, capturing Batman’s persona, his tortured charisma, and recapping the story thus far. Additionally, there is the way that Tomasi helps these characters make amends. It’s so simple, it’s funny, especially since Frankenstein is holding Batman by the throat over an icy snow-capped cliff.

So together, as a team, these two brooding characters make their way…to one heck of a cliffhanger ending. While these characters share similar traits (lack of trust, brooding attitude) Tomasi highlights just what makes these two warrior characters (because lets face it, Batman is a warrior) can do alone, and together. The influence each other, albeit in small ways, but it’s always the smallest thing that makes the biggest impact.

How this story is going to end? We’ve got a few more issues to find. I just miss Damian.




Red Hood & the Outlaws #31
Red Hood & the Outlaws #31

Red Hood & the Outlaws #31 (RELEASE DATE: MAY 21ST, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $2.99)

The Big Picture Conclusion

Lobo really took the team down…well, only Starfire and Arsenal, leaving it up to Roy, the boy with the robot toys, to save the day. Now that was something spectacular.

This latest issue of Red Hood and the Outlaws picks up where the last issue left off, with Lobo and his companions stealing Kori’s ship so that they can start a war, of sorts, and sell his nanobots on the market. While Roy has been trying to take the ship back (and failing miserably) Kori and Red Hood went on an adventure trying to grab their own ship in order to grab Roy and bring him back alive, and in one piece.

Now, Lobo is one of those characters who really has a vast fan base. He’s funny, intelligent and can hold his own against Superman in a hold no punches fight. Now that’s something. So while he is also beating the crap out of Starfire (also quite amazing – he holds no punches) he discovers himself done in by Roy and his robot toys that take him, and his crew down, single handedly.

It’s always great when the writers give Roy more “screen” time. As the underdog of the group, his skills aren’t always given the proper showcasing that they should be given. So here, the way Pfeifer made him save the day against the force that is Lobo, was genius, really bringing to light what this character brings to the table, other than just being “the funny guy”.

Given all of that, it really was a good comic and even had some campy charm to it, something that get’s lost at times with the serious drama that has – slowly – taken over the comic book world.




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