Week 21 2014 | Part 2| Comic Book Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

Continued from Wednesday, these piece reviews three comics: Worlds’ Finest #23, Justice League United #1 & Dark Horse Comics’ Star Wars #17. Focusing on the characterization and the dynamic between the characters, these three issues offer a lot to the readers by way of their strong and charismatic characters. Read on to know what works for each issue and why they are so appealing.

Worlds' Finest #23

Worlds’ Finest #23

Worlds’ Finest #23 (RELEASE DATE: MAY 14TH, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $2.99)

I Must Be Going | Part 1

In this latest issue, Power Girl and Huntress are working hard to find a way back to Earth 2 after seeing the monster that Superman has become on that Earth.

This latest issue has two storylines as it focuses on both girls as they continue on both of their missions. You have one girl putting her machine together with the help of her vey large company while the other girl is at M.I.T. (a former place of residence of mine J).

In any case, while the story shifts between characters, this reminds readers that while the story may be a little underwhelming, it has a strong characterization that allows the reader to remain captivated, despite the slow pace of the story, it’s the fun quirky personalities that makes this series such a fun read.

Characterization aside, the story does need more focus. The plot line is separated into three different directions, but there really is not central tie that connects them all together. The black out in Boston, the mission Helena is on, the project back home that Power Girl is working on, it all comes off with an unfocused narrative. Really, the only thing this series has going for it anymore is the amazing characterization.




Justice League United #1

Justice League United #1

Justice League United #1 (RELEASE DATE: MAY 14TH, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $2.99)

Justice League Canada | Part 2 (of 5)

Justice League United has all the charm of a perfectly written and put together team that Justice League America lacked. Right town to the teammates and the well defined dynamics between the members, there is a lot of charm and humor within this series.

For example, in the wake of FOREVER EVIL, Stargirl and Martian Manhunter have this bond, that while not completely developed, it lights up their individual strengths as they fight side by side. Then there is Adam Strange, Animal Man and Green Arrow who each provide the perfect comic relief in the issue. Strange is obviously the balance between the two while Green Arrow and Animal continue to poke fun at each other’s abilities.

This charming cast has the perfect dynamic within it. Other than that, the writing is solid. Not only is the characterization top notch, while the story shifts directions, focusing on the team and the slow introduction of the newest hero, to the kidnapped beings and a break out fight between Lobo and Hawkman, giving this new Lobo more “screen” time and building up the introduction of Hawkman into this team. While his persona may not quite fit, the loss of his arm may just give him a more grounded persona because without a grounder like Hawkgirl or The Atom, his tough-guy-obnoxious attitude gets old very fast.

Another facet of this issue that makes it worth reading and picking up is the artistic style. Shifting from pure color to white and red for emphasis on expressions and action sequences. The shading and lining brighten up those white and red scenes a well. It’s such a brilliant use – or lack thereof – of color.

But again, the real selling point is the funny and strongly based team.


Written by: JEFF LEMIRE


Star Wars #17

Star Wars #17

Star Wars #17 (RELEASE DATE: MAY 14TH, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $2.99)

The Rebellion Era | Shortly after A New Hope

In this latest issue of Star Wars, Princess Leia is preparing for her wedding to the Prince of Arrachar, while an uneasy feeling grows among these Rebels. Han Solo especially. Meanwhile, for his disobedience, Luke has been grounded, and seeking an escape away from Princess Leia, he has taken on an alpine mission with local troops, only to discover that the Alliance’s new “friends” aren’t what they seem.

It’s interesting to see how the writers have written the classic dynamics between the characters. Readers are able to really see the affection the amazing trio have for one another and how the confusion of those feelings is affecting them. For Luke, it has made him reckless, and for longtime fans of Star Wars, he comes off as the little brother who needs looking after while the royal and regal Leia continues to hold her head up, maintaining her maturity that has been instilled in her since her birth. And of course, there’s Han Solo, who is surprising remaining docile…to a degree of course.

This issue really took a strong focus on the twins through, on how they are dealing with their feelings and how they are keeping their heads on them, remaining calm, even when they discover that there are traitors in their midst.

Story and writing aside, Dark Horse has amazing artists on their team that are skilled with facial expressions that express the raw emotions that the characters are feeling. The lining and texture are so well thought out that, at times, all you have to do is look at the picture to understand what’s going on.

Here, a picture really is worth a hundred words.




Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

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