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Week 22 2014 | Part 1 | Comic Book Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

Check out the latest reviews on two of DC’s latest comics: Nightwing #30 and Aquaman #31. This is the final issue of Nightwing and it did not go out with a bang I’m sad to say, as for Aquaman, it was also bit disappointing. Read on to see my side.

Nightwing #30 (FINAL ISSUE)
Nightwing #30 (FINAL ISSUE)

Nightwing #30 [FINAL ISSUE] (RELEASE DATE: MAY 28. 2014 | COVER PRICE: $3.99)

Setting Son

Basically, this last issue of Nightwing is all about Bruce and Dick beating the crap out of one another. Not a very fulfilling issue. To make things even more ridiculous, the pair are fighting in the privacy of the batcave with their masks on! Honestly, they know who the other person is and it’s understandable that it’s supposed to be symbolic, especially when Dick tears his mask off, in half, but for a big chunk in this issue and it was unnecessary. Dick is not the type of character who would just do what Batman wants, fight him for no true logical reason, he would not do it to prove who he is, that is part of the reason he stopped being Robin, because he became a hero in his own right, because he didn’t want to keep on with Bruce’s standards, no matter how much he understood.

In fact, considering this is a lead into his new series GRAYSON, this who issue didn’t have to happen. If Bruce explained the situation and the mission, explaining it’s urgency, Dick would have obliged him, however grudgingly. That is the only part of the issue that rang true to their character dynamic.

Another personal issue I have about this issue is the fact that Batman is hiding this from Alfred who was as much a father, if not more, to Dick. The anguish he must be feeling, as well as the fallout between their two characters is going to be too much for this Bat-fan to handle.

Not a great conclusion to this series that had such a strong opening and charming run.






Aquaman #31
Aquaman #31

Aquaman #31 (RELEASE DATE: MAY 28, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $2.99)

In The Muck

Another issue that focused largely on the fighting rather than the characters actually listening to one another. Honestly, when the writers put two heroes against one another, they have to make a plausible story line, a believable argument that will fit both characters.

Swamp Thing is the avatar of Earth and cares very much about every living thing on the planet, including animals. It’s why he and Animal Man can get along, because in nature, animals and nature help each other to survive as long as one does not crowd out the other. It’s the natural order of things and it’s believable. Here, in this issue, Aquaman is on a mission to confront him because there is a cloud of algae going through the ocean killing fish. But of course Aquaman, along with one of his comrades from the Others, don’t really ask questions first. Instead they confront, don’t like Swamp Things explanation and punch.

Of course, Swamp Thing repeatedly tries to explain everything to them; Aquaman doesn’t seem keep on listening, and, as a fan of Aquaman, that really bothers me. Aquaman is calm, he is responsive and he keeps his mind open, when there is no more room for talk, or when the other person doesn’t want to talk, them he lays down the law.

The other half of the issue that focused on Mera trying to figure out who her assassin was, now that was interesting. Her character is stern, thoughtful and while suspicious, she keeps the door open for trust. Her characterization was amazing, and for that, I will applaud Jeff Parker.





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