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Week 22 2014 | Part 2 | Comic Book Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

Branching away from DC Comics for just a moment, this segment will take a look at The Star Wars #8, the final issue in the adaptation of George Lucas’s rough draft script for Star Wars. Next, we have a review of Inhuman #2, a piece that is filled with amazing artwork as well as a look at The Winter Soilder: The Bitter March #4 that delves into the psyche with this 60’s spy thriller, pushing the characters to the edge.

The Star Wars #8
The Star Wars #8

The Star Wars #8 (RELEASE DATE: MAY 28, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $2.99)

Based off the Original Rough Draft by George Lucas

And that folks, is the end of that. The Star Wars is a comic adaptation of George Luca’s original rough draft screenplay for Star Wars. This whole series has bits and pieces that happen throughout the entire series of Star Wars as we know, including those three ghastly films most of us pretend don’t exist.

While that makes it both fun and interesting to read, compared to the final product, this is a disaster that would not have spawned such a large and devoted fan base, at best, Star Wars would have been a cult classic, a disk or video tape lost in the confines of a closet.

The reason for this because while the story is interesting, the characters and their relationships with one another are left half developed, especially the romantic one that is a cross between Anakin and Padme and Han and Leia. You can see where each relationship sprung from, creating strong footholds for fans to get hooked, but with cheesy dialogue and underdeveloped characters, all the relationship and character dynamics suffered. In short, this was lame.

I know, many will disagree with my opinion, and that’s fine, but the reading, the dialogue, it just came off as cheesy and stiff and our hero, Annikin Starkiller was just obnoxious, with no charisma at all.

All in all, I’m glad the final result was what it was because I don’t know that I would have been a huge fan of this.







Part 2 | The Queen in the Sky

The artwork and style of this issue is amazing. That really is the selling point for this issue right here, not to say that the writing is bad, because it to is amazing, but just by looking at the cover, you get what you see.

The style and fluidity in the artwork is the more striking point. From shading to lining, the artwork just flows together, knitting together. Especially when it comes to Medusa, the beauty the artwork did with her character is spellbinding. All her contours are shown and the shading and brightness the inkers used to focus on her character, make her shine. And that goes for all the characters. The artwork is truly amazing in this issue, there is no doubt about it.

Now, as for the writing, Charles Soule is amazing and one of my favorite comic book writers out there. He focuses a lot on the characters to build the overall plot while each inside plot, around each main character builds the character. These are strong characters who are able to show humor even when they are struggling. Dante, a Nuhuman, has lost his mother has his entire life has changed forever, but he’s remaining strong, keeping his head held high. Then there is Medusa, the Queen of a literal fallen kingdom who has lost both her son and her husband, dealing with the pressures of being a Queen to a Kingdom that had fallen.

There are a lot of overwhelming emotions that jump out at the readers and make them feel for these struggling characters. Coupled with the beautiful artistry, this is a comic you will want to get your hands on.




Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #4
Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #4

Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #4 (RELEASE DATE: MAY 28, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $2.99)

The Bitter March | Part 4

Now that was certainly an intense issue. The Winter Soldier is remembering who he is and who he works for. As a Soviet man on a mission he is trying to grab a girl away from Hydra…and S.H.I.E.L.D. But remember, this series takes place in 1966, but whenever Bucky is out of his icy shell for too long, his memories start to resurface, and with a Hydra agent who can see guilt and the past, he’s not helping things.

Following The Winter Soldier and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Ran Shen, readers are thrust into this action packed series, following them as they battle their inner demons and try to capture former Nazi scientist Mila Hitzag.

Over all, this was a remarkable issue as it deal with the grips of life and what happens when it becomes too overwhelming. Delving into the psyche of the characters, readers are given an intense and captivating read, also showing more Winter Soldier and how he comes to grips with being the Soviet assassin he is. Slowly, in fragments, the read shows us more of the tortured personality as well as the honor his character has. It’s a strong well developed issue.




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