Action Alert: Tell High Industries to Return the Cats and Save the Kittens | Alley Cat Allies

By: Becky Robinson; shared by: Cynthia Ayala (that’s me!)

Note: I love animals. I see stray cats all over the place where I live so I do what I can. I sit out on my porch and I feed them and pet them and get them fixed as part of “Trap, Neuter, Release”, a program that allows cats to stay wild without breeding or putting them in a shelter where they would be cramped or put down. So every so often, you’re going to see these messages pop up. As a college student, I try to do my best to donate every so often, but when I can’t (and it’s starting to get harder and harder as my student loans pile up – regrettably) the least I can do, I believe, is spread the word. I hope you don’t think I’m being pushy, and I’m sorry if it seems that way, I’m just want to do what’s right and spread the word, do my part to stop animal cruelty.

UntitledDear Reader,

After hearing that the High Concrete Company, located in Buena Borough of Atlantic County, New Jersey, was trapping cats to be killed, Alley Cat Allies reached out and respectfully asked for a moratorium on trapping and a meeting to discuss options, including Trap-Neuter-Return. Management at the plant and a representative from the corporate office in Lancaster, Pennsylvania claimed they would stop trapping at the plant, but we have confirmed that the roundup continued.

We have already pulled from the shelter 45 cats and kittens who were trapped at the concrete plant—and they need to be returned home. With kitten season in full swing, we know there are young kittens who remain on the plant grounds who will not survive being separated from their mothers.

Act now—tell High Industries the cats need to be returned to their kittens, and to meet with Alley Cat Allies to assist in implementing Trap-Neuter-Return.

Just this evening, we were informed that they have ordered a caregiver to cease and desist feeding the cats, so the remaining cats on the property will starve. A company representative at the corporate office tried to claim that the 80-acre property has no remaining cats, but we are aware of cats that have not been accounted for.

High Industries has companies all along the east coast. Tell them you don’t think this is the way businesses should operate.

Take action now to save these cats’ lives.

Please forward this email to your compassionate friends and help us save these cats.


Becky Robinson

President and Founder

Alley Cat Allies

Let me know what you think :)

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