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Week 22 2014 | Part 3 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

Closing up the week with DC comics, this segment will focus on two of the Boy Scouts and their title comics. Following the Superman Doomed story line in Superman #31, I look over why the Doomed story line seems to work, and why Lois makes a great villain. Then, closing up the week with The Flash #31, where the Future Flash has come back to save lives, and take lives while Present Flash tries to keep up with his life and keep up with Wally West, the boy who refuses help.

Superman #31
Superman #31

Superman #31 (RELEASE DATE: MAY 28, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $2.99)

Superman Doomed | [Infected] | Chapter 4: Lockdown

There is one thing that I like in particular in this Doomed story arc, and it would have to be the Lois segment, where she is the herald of Brainiac. It’s very interesting how the writers are working together here to turn Lois, Clark’s best friend, into the minion of one of his greatest enemies. And while he is infected with the Doomsday Virus, his mind really is easily manipulated.

The doomed story line is also very clever on the writers’ parts because it brings back the ultimate foe who pushes Superman to his limits and now, with the infection spreading through his body, the poisonous spores that flew from Doomsday, readers are seeing a different side of the big blue Boy Scout, and it’s interesting.

The story is well put together and the obnoxious macho personality that they have given Superman is very interesting as far as something new goes. And it’s not just the way the story is affecting him that makes this a good read, but it is also the way his actions are affecting the characters around him, his friends, and former enemies, like Lex Luthor. Everyone is banding together to help Superman stop being turned into Doomsday, and at the day, it’s the characters and the dynamics between them, that gives this story a strong and captivating foundation.





The Flash #31
The Flash #31

The Flash #31 (RELEASE DATE: MAY 28, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $2.99)

Through a Glass Darkly

Well, while Future Flash may have the best intentions, he sure is a jerk who apparently has no qualms about killing, killing [spoiler alert!] Mirror Master in this last issue. He may have saved Mirror Master from becoming a murderer due to a freak accident, but he did not save his life from the event. However, that was a heart-wrenching end to Mirror Master (especially when you consider everything he has been though) and when the reader is able to hear the sadness and fear from the perfectly written dialogue.

Now, as far as story goes, the one thing that really bothers me is how pushy Iris is. It’s understandable that she wants Barry to help be a better influence for her nephew, but it’s like she’s forgetting that he has a life of his own while not even bothering to learn much about her own nephew. It’s clear that she knows nothing about it, and instead of being a surrogate parent, or even a good aunt, she wants to put it all on her friend, disregarding his own busy life and relationships. But he’s a Boy Scout, so of course he’s going to help.

Now, the story as a whole is very interesting, you have these mysterious murders happening, all with some underlining connection, and then you have the Future Flash, trying to undo event after event with the ultimate goal to kill his younger self.

However, my favorite part of this issue goes to the artwork. Barry was wearing a Blue Lantern t-shirt, a symbol that highlights his personality and his time as a Blue Lantern in Blackest Night. Not gonna lie, I kinda miss his Blue Lantern costume.





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