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Furious and Heartbroken | North Ridge Kittens Not Forgotten – Alley Cat Allies

By: Becky Robinson; Shared by: Cynthia Ayala

It still astonishes me that people can be so cruel to animals that mean no harm and really just want to live and be with their families. I am confused by the immediate and cruel response some people have towards animals. That is why I am sharing this. I love animals, I love cats especially, and it breaks my heart when I see any type of animal cruelty going on in the world. Please share this message from Alley Cat Allies.

Dear Reader,

I’m furious and heartbroken at the same time.

North Ridgeville, Ohio. It is inexplicable how a humane officer who shot and killed five kittens in front of children in June 2013 was able to keep his job, and has again—one year later—shot and killed a trapped, defenseless baby raccoon. And he had no regard for killing again in front of children.

Please donate $25 today to help Alley Cat Allies continue to build humane communities—and stay committed to creating lasting change in communities across the country.

When the five kittens were shot and killed last year, the city eventually responded—only after ongoing pressure from distressed residents and advocates—by deciding to not handle calls involving cats anymore. Calls about cats are now directed to a local organization instead of being handled by city officers—but the culture of killing remains.

We need a new way of thinking. We need elected officials to adopt best practices to truly protect animals. Policies that are compassionate and—frankly—common sense. Alley Cat Allies is working to help cities, towns and counties make these changes.

Alley Cat Allies is leading the charge for change and your gift of $25 will have a direct impact on how animals are treated from coast to coast.

Creating humane communities is holistic. We are a compassionate society, and our local and state governments and services, paid for with our tax dollars, should reflect those values. We must hold them accountable. Your donation today is a vote for humane communities across the country—don’t wait until something tragic happens in your community.

Right now, we have active cases across the country, including:

  • North Ridgeville, Ohio—working with the Ohio SPCA to influence institutional change of animal care policies;
  • Paulding County, Georgia—working with county officials to institute life-saving community cat policies;
  • Yonkers, New York—working with local officials to institute pro-TNR ordinances;

We are engaged and on the ground creating lasting change—but we need your support. Thank you for all you do for cats—and for standing with me, for what is right.

For the Cats,

Becky Robinson

President and Founder

Alley Cat Allies

Let me know what you think :)

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