Week 26 2014 | Part 2 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

Part two of this week’s comics reviews returns to DC Comics. First we’re covering Aquaman #32, where Mera takes center stage and shows off her amazing talents. Then we have Justice League Dark #32, where Asa, the Nightmare Nurse, has taken over Zatanna’s body and turned the tables on the Justice League Dark. And finally Supergirl #32, where Red Lantern Supergirl takes on another World Killer as she falls back to Earth that threatens to kill her.

Aquaman #32

Aquaman #32

Aquaman #32 (RELEASE DATE: JUN 25, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $2.99)

It Lives

Mera is amazing. Here she in this issue taking charge and fighting for herself and fighting alongside Tula to bring down those who hate her and want her dead. She is proving her worth, not for anyone, not even for herself, but instead she is proving her worth because she is a force to be reckoned with and they did not expect that.

All in all, a very amazing issue that really says girl power as it’s two chicks fighting side by side to bring down cowards who fight in the shadows. Really, Mera was amazing, and it’s always great when her character’s strengths are highlighted and show just why she is fearful. Here she is using all her powers, her water manipulation, surprising everyone, and the artwork and dialogue work together to show how powerful she is. Needless to say, she outshined Aquaman in this latest issue.

Additionally, after the last few issues that have been a little slow and dull, this was an exhilarating issue that picks up speed. But really, Mera was amazing, there aren’t many ways to say that. The way Parker has written and built her character is astounding. He focuses so much on her strength, her power, but also on her love for Arthur and how that gives her strength.

Again, amazing issue, Mera rocks.





Justice League Dark #32

Justice League Dark #32

Justice League Dark #32 (RELEASE DATE: JUN 25, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $3.99)


Well now, that was certainly a riveting issue.

In the last issue, the Nightmare Nurse took over the body of Zatanna, tapping into her power and taking over, deemed a traitor in the midst. But in this issue, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Asa, the Nightmare Nurse. A creature of oblivion, she is a monster that hops from body to body as a parasite, and in this latest issue, she showcases what makes her both a formidable enemy and dear friend.

This issue puts Asa against the Justice League Dark and as readers, we get to see how much power she has, and how powerful she can be. It was a very interesting issue, and the juxtaposition between her fun crazy side and her serious maternal and healing side. These two overwhelming sides of her is what makes her character so strong and captivating, as well as a great member to the team. Her strength has been seen before, especially when her character first became a member of the team, but the story around her character builds her strength as a character and her dynamic with the team.

Over all, this was a well-constructed issue with amazing dialogue and scenes. Each scene showed a different side to the characters, especially Asa, and really established this team with a strong dynamic, the true selling point of this series.





Supergirl #32

Supergirl #32

Supergirl #32 (RELEASE DATE: JUN 18, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $2.99)

Red Daughter of Krypton | Part 4 | Homecoming

This whole red lantern story arc has been very good for the Supergirl character, if only because her character is finally evolving and developing. Of course, Tony Bedard is great at his character development and turning anger into a useful character trait to build her angsts and turn her into a dynamic and rich character.

This story also brings the story of Supergirl back to some of the earlier stories involving the Worldkillers. Once again, Supergilrl has to face the past of her old planet and their abominable creations. Supergirl has to face her planets dark past, again, and this raises a lot of issues for her and forces her to take a hard look at her rage, at what had made her a red lantern.

So all in all, this is a good series as it builds the character and actually continues to grow her character and move away from the angst that has been weighing her down. Bedard is an amazing writer and ever since the new 52 started, I haven’t been a fan of her new character (in the beginning yes, but afterwards not so much), but now, she’s growing on me.





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