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Week 27 2014 | Part 2 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

This week is the finale of the DC Bombshell covers. First up is Catwoman #32 where she races to solve one mystery with the help of rouge Mirror Master. Next is the Flash #32, where tensions are rising and the bond between Wally and Barry finally begins to form and finally, Batman #32 where Batman faces off against the formidable and clever Riddler in a Zero Year story arc.

Catwoman #32
Catwoman #32

Catwoman #32(RELEASE DATE: JUN 25, 2014| COVER PRICE: $2.99)

Race of Thieves | Part 3 – Hijack

In this latest issue of Catwoman, thieves are racing in the desert, and there are no laws here. Catwoman, working as part of a team alongside Mirror Master, is racing to figure out an old mystery.

Now, readers you’re going to have to forgive as I haven’t been reading this story arc so I really don’t’ know what’s going on, however, I can say that it was a good fun filled issue that highlighted everything about Catwoman that makes her such a dynamic character. The parts of her character that make her shine like her love of risks and agility are really shown here. However, her investigative skills are also showcased as the two storylines begin to intersect with one another as they circle the villain Roulette.

A very well told issue with two tales being told as one. It’s cleverly written, and the overall narrative was put together very well. But again, from my understanding (considering I haven’t been reading the series) it was a well put together issue. There was some campiness in the issue that worked in favor of the drag race aspect of the story, allowing it to be humorous and entertaining. There is also the added fact that the story, the racing, doesn’t come off as fluff. It’s obvious that the writers wanted to have fun in this latest issue, and that’s good. There are some serious notes in the issue, but the overall feel of the issue is light which contrast too many of the other comics that tend to be heavy on the drama. Catwoman, well, she’s just amazing and this issue shows all the reasons why.





The Flash #32
The Flash #32

The Flash #32 (RELEASE DATE: JUN 25, 2014| COVER PRICE: $2.99)

Cold Call

Future flash is still on running to change the past with the ultimate goal of killing himself. IN the meantime, Flash, Barry Allen is trying to help out wherever he can…this includes old flame Iris West with her nephew Wally, who is starting to have his own struggles with the law.

There is a lot of tension rising in this comic as it comes from the ashes of the Forever Evil story arc. Barry and Patty seem as connected as ever in this latest issue as she comes to his rescue after he’s literally been blown into the sky, But then, when he can’t be there for her when she needs, and instead splits off to be there for Iris and Wally instead.

While the tension is rising between the characters, the story and writing is still able to maintain it’ lighter feel to it. Venditti and Jenson have done an amazing job taking on the comic as each issue is fast paced and brings to life these characters and their very real relationships with other characters. And as the series is split between two perspectives, Future Flash and Present Flash, there is a mystery behind the growing relationship between Wally and Barry, which serves as the catalyst for why Future Flash is in the past now. Both characters are incredibly different, but it’s obvious they stem from the same personality, and that creates a strong plot in order to grab the reader.

However, I will say this: Patty and Barry are not allowed to break up!





Batman #32
Batman #32

Batman #32 (RELEASE DATE: JUN 25, 2014| COVER PRICE: $3.99)

Ark | Zero Year | Savage City

Riddle me this, riddle me that, who’s afraid of the big black bat? Well, the Riddler certainly isn’t.

The Riddler is the feature villain in this latest issue of Batman that takes place in the “Zero Year” time frame. Batman will not give up his hunt for this criminal mastermind. The Riddler, while not my favorite of the Batman villains (hardcore Joker fan here), he’s up there. The Riddler is a strong character, he’s charming, funny, and very dangerous. It’s not just a game for Nygma, but also a challenge. This issue brings to life the dangerous dynamic between these two characters, Batman and Riddler, and builds it for the fans of those two characters.

It’s been a while since Riddler has made a strong appearance in the New 52, even his villains issue, while it highlighted his brains, lacked a real story. However, in this issue, in this arc, Riddler makes his mark, finally gains his foothold in the new 52, and Snyder did an amazing job of doing that.

From dialogue, narrative and story development, the issue is gripping and Batman really has to work to get his man at the end. This is not east for Batman, far from it. And it’s just as hard for the Gotham City PD. The writing is strong, it’s powerful, rich is detail and characterization. All of these combine are the reasons why Batman is such a hot seller in the DCU. I’m gonna stop now, I feel like I’m talking in circles now. All you need to know is this was a well written issue and Riddler is finally getting the screen time he deserves.






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