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Week 27 2014 | Part 3 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

Pulling these reviews to a close I am ending the week with a review of Red Lanterns #32, where Atrocitus has declared war on the Red Lantern faction led by Guy Gardner and Star Wars: Rebel Heist #3 in which Chewbacca takes center stage and proves he doesn’t need Han Solo to stand out.

Red Lanterns #32
Red Lanterns #32

Red Lanterns #32 (RELEASE DATE: JUN 25, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $2.99)

Atrocities | Part 1 (of 4) – City Havok

The Red Lanterns need to make up and form a truce already. Why? Because all these characters are so damn charismatic and well written that I love them all. Soule has weaved together the perfect cast for this series. He has given them such a strong dynamic, and if you’ve been following the series, readers can really see the character growth in each of them. There is a sense of purpose behind these characters, a sadness and fear that inspires sympathy for the characters. There is also the strength surrounding the red lanterns, a strength not from their rage, but from their ability to control and accept that which has happened to them. There comes a point where these lanterns put aside their rage and accepted their place as red lanterns in order to prevent the horrors done to them. All of that, put together, makes this such a strong and driven series.

Now, this issue highlights all of that with the division of the Red Lanterns, one led by Guy and one led by Atrocitus. Each team has a central goal, but different ways of interpreting this goal, and that’s where the problem lies. Additionally, Atrocitus ego is bruised since Guy beat him to the brink of death and stole his ring. So there is a lot going on not only in this series, but also in this issue. Tensions are rising and with the different aspects and the brilliant characterization, this is such a dynamic series. Soule really is an amazing writer.




Star Wars: Rebel Heist #3
Star Wars: Rebel Heist #3

Star Wars: Rebel Heist #3 (RELEASE DATE: JUN 25, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $3.50)

Rebel Heist | Part 3 (of 4)

Awesome. Chewbacca is one of those silent and strong characters in the world, and those are the most difficult to write because all the strength revolves around their actions, how they interpret the world around them and how they influence the characters around them. So Kindt did an amazing job with this issue, as it follows Chewbacca while he gets the codes to the rest of the Rebel Forces. He’s leading a traitor of the Empire, who carries important codes of the Empire within his DNA, and the man doesn’t have much respect for Chewbacca, spending half the issue calling him and “it”. But that’s the cleverness of the writing, it shows not only that characters growth, but it also shows the strong dynamic, the impressionable air that Chewy carries.

The progression of the issue also fits in with the progression of the series. Each issue has focused on one of the stronger members of the Rebel fleet: Han, Leia and now Chewbacca. As it centers around one, it allows readers and longtime fans to see how strong these characters are and how they are viewed to outsiders before gaining the respect they deserve. There’s a learning curve for all the characters in the series, the newbie and one of the heroes as they pull off this mission. The narrative in the issue, coupled with the action sequences, brought the issue to life and made it enjoyable to read.

However, the best part about this issue was Chewy, who said nothing but was rather a creature of action and loyalty. There is a lot of strength in this issue, not just brute strength but inner strength that the reader is able to see. Chewbacca is a great character and Kindt has done an amazing job brining this mission to life and the characters to life.






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