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Week 28 2014 | Part 1 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

Hello there avid readers! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I’m launching off this weeks comic reviews with Justice League 3000 #8, a series that is incredibly comical as it reinvents the Justice League including one Flash who has already died twice and a teeny-tiny Hal Jordan who is only 6 inches tall and Earth 2 #25 that reveals the origins of Val-Zod and really pushes the envelope with Superman brutality.

Justice League 3000 #8
Justice League 3000 #8

Justice League 3000 #8 (RELEASE DATE: JUL 2, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $2.99)

Turning Point!

These are not the Wonder Twins from the past. However, that does not diminish the overall charm of the comic. Despite the growing seriousness and drama in the series, the writers are still able to keep the comic light and humorous. Keith Giffen is a very talented writer, who is able to combine serious themes with humor. The serious theme here is the replication of the Justice League in the series. Their DNA overrides their hosts, so in other words, they are living growing parasites until they take over. This has, however inadvertent, turned these long time heroes into murderers. Nevertheless, the characterization and the different and distinct narratives give the comic its comical value.

In this issue, the characters, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and Teeny-Tiny Hal Jordan. Let’s not even address Firestorm who really isn’t that charming, but thankfully, he had minimum exposure in this latest issue. The aforementioned group of heroes argue most of the time, but by the end, they get along and build this strong and hysterical dynamic that builds the series. Everything they say, even though they are addressing a serious issue, like escape and death, is written in such a humorous way that can’t be taken seriously. Superman especially, with his arrogant attitude and easily distracted nature is priceless.

As a whole, the issue moved effortlessly, and the series has progressed very well to this point. Giffen is a great writer. However, I will say this: Teri should have been give Beast Boy’s powers, not Flash’s…get it?




Earth 2 #25
Earth 2 #25

Earth 2 #25 (RELEASE DATE: JUL 2, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $3.99)

The Kryptonian | Part 5

The origin of Val has been revealed, especially the reason why he has the “S” on his chest. This series has a much darker tone than the rest of the comics in the DCU. Superman is the herald of Darkseid and did the most unspeakable action in this latest issue that will leave all Superman fans cringing in their seats.

It was a tension driving issue where the flash really proved himself as a hero, blasting one of the “gods” of Apokolips into infinity. That sequence was not only beautifully written, bringing his character to life and giving him this new strength, but it was also brilliantly drawn, from lining to the inking, it was bright and the penciling was sharp, clear and made the picture even more defined.

Additionally, the characterization really is well done, especially in regards to Hawkgirl who has gone through an amazing transformation from being an incredibly stiff character to becoming who she is now, a little lighter while still keeping her sharp edge. Her design and overall attitude is breathtaking and make her one of the standout characters in the issue.

I think my only issue is, this is now coming off as a politically correct project, and I would have rather Val-Zod was from Daxam like Mon-El, just to make a stronger difference between him and Superman. Don’t get me wrong, I like him and his characterization, he’s sweet and very different personality wise, but making them both Kryptonian seems a little much and if he were from Daxam that would give him an edge against Superman. Same powers, but the differences would be different.

Still, this was a very good issue and Aquawoman, Flash, Hawkgirl, Jimmy, Dr. Fate and Green Lantern are my favorite characters in the series.






Let me know what you think :)

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