Pre-Order Today! – Nia Dragin Books

By: Nia Dragin; Shared by: Cynthia Ayala

Hey there! So guess what, you can pre-order a paperback version of my book today! It’s official, I am ready to do business. Continue reading “Pre-Order Today! – Nia Dragin Books”


Week 29 2014 | Part 2 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

Continuing from Monday I bring you comic reviews! I’m starting off today with my personal favorite Teen Titans #1, a comic that was cancelled and has been given an amazing re-launch, followed by Robin Rises: Omega #1, a double sized issue by P. J. Tomasi that recaps the journey between father and son and will begin a new journey as Batman faces off against the forces of Apokolips. And rounding up these reviews is Red Hood and the Outlaws #33 that really shows a softer side to the overly sexual powerhouse Starfire.
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