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Week 33 2014 | Part 1 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

Hey! I know, my reviews were A.W.O.L. last week. I was going through some stuff and wasn’t feeling up to writing. But I am back in the saddle…mostly. So this week I am opening up with Justice League 3000 #9, where the humor keeps on coming and the wonder twins go up against one another followed by Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #1 where it’s Clark versus Doomsday as the internal struggle rages on.

Justice League 3000 #9
Justice League 3000 #9

Justice League 3000 #9 (RELEASE DATE: AUG 6, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $2.99)

Breakout! | Need for Speed!

This is an issue split into two directions so that each focus point of the story is made clear and that the two main characters were given enough “screen time”. All in all it was a very good issue. The first story pits the teeny tiny Hal Jordan against the God who is obsessed with him, Locus. It was a very fun issue with a lot of warmth to it as well. The humor in this series is amazing. What the writers have done here, bringing in Locus and turning Hal into a teeny tiny character was such a great move to take, bringing so much humor into the series. Locus is hopelessly obsessed with him and wants her own harem of Green Lanterns. It brings such a lightness to the series as a whole, and with the added visual of seeing Hal Jordan in the pocket of a projected version of himself, that just makes it easier to laugh when reading this issue.

As for second story, “Need for Speed”, that story has less of the humor element to it. While the humor is still there, especially with this arrogant Superman who talks about himself in 3rd person, it has a darker more serious note to it that has completely reinvented the Wonder Twins, creating this clear line of good and evil between them. One is a villain and the other is a hero. It has a very strong dynamic that creates such wonderful and easy-going tension between the characters and the plot line. Over all, this was a very good issue. They had me a little worried there because there is so much drama in the comics and readers need something more comical, like this comic.




Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #1
Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #1

Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #1 (RELEASE DATE: AUG 6, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $4.99)

Superman Doomed [Superdoom]: Chapter 3 “The Promise”

So I just realized that DC Comics did a misprint. It’s the Superdoom arc, as it says on the cover, chapter 3, but inside it says it’s [Last Sun], an arc that doesn’t start until Action Comics #34. Uh oh! I wonder how many issues that misprint is in.

But that has nothing to do with the writing or the story. Over all, it was rich. Charles Soule has become one of my favorite writers because of his ability to delve into the darker sides of the characters. He goes to that point to show the control that characters must exude, their strength and power that comes from it that grounds their characters and makes the dynamics so incredibly strong. On a narrative issue, it is well thought out, plotted out well and it’s very interesting to see Superman fight himself, the internal struggle he deals with as he battles his darker side. That is not only an interesting concept, but the delivery and the writing behind it is written very well.

Additionally, this artwork is amazing. Just look at that cover. Everything looks like that inside. It’s vibrant, with strong lining and bright inking. It’s amazing. I love this series.




Let me know what you think :)

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