Week 33 2014 | Part 3 | Comic Review

By: Cynthia Ayala

Happy Friday readers! I hope you all have had a very fun week and have plans for a very fun weekend. To conclude this week’s comic reviews I bring you Earth 2 #26 where Superman is finally revealed or what he is – a fraud – and Action Comics #34 where the Last Sun story arc ends and the battle between Brianiac and Superman begins again.

Earth 2 #26

Earth 2 #26 (RELEASE DATE: AUG 6, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $2.99)

The Kryptonian | Part 6

Do not be fooled. Despite the fact that Power Girl is on the cover, she is not in the series coming to rescue Bizarro. Oops, seems I let the cat out of the bag. Hopefully it’s not too much of a spoiler considering that this issue came out two weeks ago, but if it is, my apologies.

Now, let’s get down to business. This whole time Taylor has been giving this impression that Superman has been turned to the Dark Side (fun pun!) pulling together a group of heroes who really didn’t want to be heroes, they were sort of just thrown into those circumstances. But in this series, they have certainly risen to the occasion. The main character who has taken the strong lead in this series is Alan Scott, Green Lantern. He has pulled this team together alongside Thomas Wayne, the new Batman, and Red Tornado, aka Lois 2.0, and given them direction. This is the new Justice Society of America and throwing Darkseid into the mix is a very strong opening and lead to this series as a whole. However, Taylor does has a tendency to drag his stories out until they become monotonous and go off tangent. But luckily he has thrown in enough curve balls and shocking events that keep the reader enthralled.

Additionally the character development is astounding. These are all characters every DC fan is familiar with, but they have been completely reinvented, keeping the story fresh. It’s such an amazing series that showcased the team dynamic. These characters are finally a team, a functional team with unique traits that bring them together.

Over all, as far as character development goes, Taylor has done an amazing job. The real issue is the story. While it’s interesting to read, full of angst, humor and power, the momentum within the piece is starting to slow. The Superman arc is done, that is over with, now the Furies are next, but how long is this arc going to last? Darkseid is a great villain and exploring Apokalips and his minions is bringing more life to his world and place in the DC Comics, but what worries me is Taylor’s writing. As I said before, he tends to go off tangent, far too dark, and his stories then become snooze fests. Personally, I would like to see something different in the realm of Earth 2 comics.





Action Comic #34

Action Comic #34 (RELEASE DATE: AUG 6, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $2.99)

Superman Doomed [Lost Sun]: Chapter 1 “Assimilation”

See, if this is where Last Sun starts, why were the other issues, (look back at Monday and Wednesday of week) titled Last Sun. Big typo there DC, you’re supposed to be on top of that.

But again, you came here for a rundown and a review, so let’s get to it. In this latest issue Clark has regained his body, and so has Lois Lane. But with Brianiac still invading and assimilating everyone, the hero quota has quickly diminished. Luckily, the heroes left (Martain Manhuner, Lois Lane, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman) have devised a way to seal Brainiac’s fate and save Earth. Of course, this wouldn’t be a soap opera if everything went according to plan.

Overall this has been a very interesting story arc, but this latest story arc could have been constructed better. There is a lot happening in this latest issue and a few extra frames here and there would have made the flow of this issue much better. This seems to be a pattern with Pak. While the story is captivating as it focuses on tricks and peril that put Superman and Earth into such a precarious situation, too much is happening all at once. When one thing is going on, another is going on at the same time, and the flow from frame to frame, page to page, is jarring. That should not be an issue here. Pak has developed this groundbreaking story arc, telling an old tale to a new tune with new and interesting elements, but his construction does not work at all with a story arc that is as action packed as this.

This goes hand in hand with the narrative, dialogue and dynamic between the characters. While artistically is it a visual delight, the hindrances between page-flow are, one again, jarring.

Pak just needs to take a breath when writing, slow down and make sure that everything flows at a reasonable pace in his story, otherwise, you will all hear me complain again.





Let me know what you think :)

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