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Week 34 2014| Part 1 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

Happy Monday readers!  Best way to start a week is to have a smile on your face.  I’m aware at how cheesy that is by my life has gotten quite complicated so I’m just trying to keep up my sunny disposition.  But you’re not here to read about that.  No, you are here to read some comic reviews!  First up is the final Superboy issue, Superboy #34 followed by Superman/Wonder Woman #11, the second chapter in the  final Superman Doomed story arc featuring the Deathstar.

Superboy #34

Superboy #34 (RELEASE DATE: AUG 13, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $2.99)

Know Thy Self

Woo! Kon is back! This was a great way to end the series.

This series has had its up and downs overall, but this last story arc has been outstanding. Jon, Superboy Prime, and Kon are taking on the Superboy’s across the Multiverse in a little time bubble. This includes the Job in the present going up aainst the on from the future, the character we’ve been following in these past issues. But Kon is back, he has returned to save the world and to work alongside Kon to stop Superboy Prime-1 and close the time bubble.

This series has offered so much character development throughout the series and in this issue especially Jon has gone through some remarkable changes, growing so much in this latest issue, sacrificing himself in order to save everyone and close the time/multidimensional bubble.

Kuder has given this series of Superboy comics an exceptional close, summing up events and characterization perfectly.





Superman/Wonder Woman #11
Superman/Wonder Woman #11

Superman/Wonder Woman #11 (RELEASE DATE: AUG 13, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $3.99)

Superman Doomed [Last Sun] Chapter 02 “Assimilation”

And the monster has taken over.

This latest issue has Brainiac throwing everything he has against the superheroes and Superman. This has Superman and Martian Manhunter teaming up like they used to before the New 52 taking on the hoard of robots. Charles Soule is an amazing writer, someone I hold up there with Geoff Johns. He has the ability to put together an amazing story full of incredible character development and strong character dynamics.

This is a rich story that has developed the dynamic between the characters very well. Lois and Lex are not only on the same side, but this arc has propelled them both to the status of hero. With the war above threatening every single inhabitant on Earth, Wonder Woman and Superman are racing against one another, putting their own lives at risk to save the world around them. Superman lets Doomsday take over and Wonder Woman goes into the Phantom Zone to make a deal with Mongul for the Deathstar. I’m not kidding, the Deathstar is on the very last page of this issue.

Admittedly, that was the best moment in the issue.





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