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Week 34 2014 | Part 2 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

Better late than never. Hey there avid readers! Happy Hump Day! Does that sound weird to anyone else or is just me? Well anyway, here’s part two of this weeks’ latest comic book reviews. First up is Batman and Robin #34, where Bruce finally embarks to Apokolips to save his son. Following that is Teen Titans (2014 – ) #2 where the humor continues and the team figures out where they are needed most. And finally we have Worlds’ Finest #26. Helena and Karen have finally made it back to Earth-2 and the world is less pleasant than they remember causing tension between the sister-like characters.

Batman and Robin #34

Batman and Robin #34 (RELEASE DATE: AUG 20, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $2.99)

Robin Rises | Ties That Bind

Damian must return alive. I have my Kon back now I just need my Damian back. I bet you all get pretty tired of me saying that, and I’m sorry if I annoy any of you, I just really miss Damian Wayne!

But onto the comic. I freaking love P. J. Tomasi. His talent is remarkable. The pace of the story moves swiftly even though half of the story takes in the Bat Cave with Bruce making amends with Batgirl, Red Robin and Red Hood, finally putting at ease tei relationship that was torn apart by the joker. It was all very honest writing that built a deeper connection between these characters, a connection that has been lost in all the madness of them being such separate characters that rarely interact with another. It was brilliant and beautiful writing. Behind every word was depth, and that depth continued to build not just between Batman and his Bat-Family but also between Lex and Bruce who had a bit of a rocky start.

While the artwork isn’t spectacular like another notables, Gleason makes sure that every line is seen crystal clear. There is a cleanliness to his texture but also darkness with his shading technique that accurately fits the Batman character/series.

All in all, a very well written issue that told a story and build relationships between the characters in a very thoughtful way.






Teen Titans (2014 – ) #2

Teen Titans (2014 – ) #2 (RELEASE DATE: AUG 20, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $2.99)

Blinded By The Light

I love Teen Titans and this latest re-launch has gotten off to a great start. This latest issue revolves around the mystery that follows one robotic girl and her master who are determined to destroy S.T.A.R. labs in Manhattan. It also sets up bunch of varied stories around the teen titans as individuals and pairs. Of course Cassie was missing from the mix unfortunately. But that’s beside the point. Opening up with Bunker and Beast Boy, the pair are roommates! But while one is a comedian the other is serious. However, both work together to ground one another and make their dynamic strong.

The story as a whole is wonderful and even though the story splits off into many different mini directions, it’s still a very cohesive story arc. Pfeifer is amazing splitting the team show readers who these characters are outside of their costumes. It’s a very strong skill to have to make the story shift in various ways while at the same time making the piece very cohesive.

Again, the characterization is spot on, from personal narrative to intermingling dialogue, the story builds off of who the characters are and the mystery they are trying to love.

Another added bonus this series has is adding Kenneth Rocafort to the creative team. Next to Manapul, he is one of my favorite artists. His lines are sharp, his angels spot on and perfect, and with a colorist like Dan Brown, it’s perfect.

This new Teen Titans series is kicking a**.





Worlds’ Finest #26

Worlds’ Finest #26 (RELEASE DATE: AUG 13, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $3.99)

World’s End?

Power Girl and Huntress have finally returned to Earth-2 and the greeting they get is not what they expected. But of course, anyone reading Earth-2 comics would have just told them to stay there.

A shift is happening within the dynamic between the pair of protagonist in the series, and it has been carefully constructed. Within the narrative and the dialogue between the characters, readers are able to see the different attitudes and the effect it is starting to have on the sisterly relationship. Helene, aka Huntress, is not too thrilled at being in the world where she watched her father die whereas Karen, aka Power Girl, is thrilled to be back on her Earth that is literally burning around her.

Levitz has put into pieces the underlying tension between the characters that will put a strain in their relationship. After all they’ve been through it’s obvious that it’s going to take something much larger to tear these two strong characters apart, but the tension between them will be something this new series has yet to see giving it a more believable and grounded aspect that will attract more readers.

Nevertheless, the writing and the story finally has some power behind it. The story arc has been lacking since the ‘First Contact’ arc, becoming tedious and dull, but now that the characters have returned to a world doused in war and fire, coupled with the new underlying tension, the series no longer has to fall back on its amazing characterization which is the only reason this reader endured the past few issues.

Levitz has also given rise to a new hero on Earth, let’s call it 52. But not just any new hero, a new Power Girl. It’s a unique direction that Levtiz is taking this story, shifting between worlds and characters. Hopefully he won’t scarify story in order to build the new character, Tanya Spears, or vice versa.

All in all though, a very well written issue that shows all the integral parts of the story that leaves the reader hooked and wanting more.





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