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Month: September 2014

Meet the new creative team behind Green Arrow – DC Comics News

Fan of the Arrow TV Series? Well here’s your chance to meet them as they celebrate their takeover of Green Arrow comics. Read on for the when and where.

Review/Recap Forever | ‘Look Before You Leap’

Fans of Sherlock and highlander are going to love this show. In this latest episode the immortal Henry meets death and avoids it while his immortal stalker continues to taunt him. Here’s what I thought.

Review/Recap Forever | ‘Pilot’

ABC’s new drama FOREVER premiered last night. Did you watch it? Well why not! Here’s the low down of the show and why it’s a fresh new face on television.

Review/Recap Sleepy Hollow | ‘This Is War’

Season 2 of SLEEPY HOLLOW has begun! The headless horseman is back, but he’s not alone and the heroes are separated and trapped. Missed it? Well read on to get the details and see what I had to say about ‘This is War’.