Review/Recap Sleepy Hollow | ‘The Weeping Lady’ (Season 2, #5)

By: Cynthia Ayala

“A woman from Ichabod’s past arrives in town, undead and aiming to harm anyone in her path; Katrina and Ichabod learn disturbing things about each other; Abbie has flirtatious encounters.”

  • Synopsis provided by Shazam

The Weeping Lady tale is one of my personal favorites because I’m Mexican and it’s a classic Mexican tale parents tell their children to behave. So I’m constantly impressed when television adapts it to fit the modernized version that they need.

Sleepy Hollow has done just that. The Weeping Woman is no longer after children like the old tales but is now after anyone who Ichabod is close to, and all that is because she was summoned by Henry (played by John Noble). Now, while it’s interesting to see Ichabod and Abbie take on the forces of evil, there is no suspense anymore. Viewers know that they are going to win, they know that these singular stories are just that, one shots. What would be interesting, what would put viewers on the edges of their seats would be if the good guys lost every so often. By now, it’s predictable.

However, that being said, it’s still a fascinating and action packed as well as incredibly entertaining. Also adding Matt Barr as Nick Hawley was such a great move as far as casting goes. This guy is not only charming, he’s funny too and to see him play this sort of anti-hero who only does things if they benefit him, that’s just fun to watch.

Directed by: Larry Teng

Written by: M. Raven Metzner

Starring: Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Orlando Jones, Katia Winter, Lyndie Greenwood & John Noble

Genre: Supernatural/Police Drama, Horror

Original Air Date/Time/Channel: October 20, 2014 | 9 PM EST | FOX

Let me know what you think :)

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