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Week 43 2014 | Part 2 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

Batman & Robin #35

Batman & Robin #35 (RELEASE DATE: OCT 15, 2014 | COVER PRICE: $2.99)

Robin Rises: Part 3 | Hellbound

Batman has never looked more frightening. In his new suit formatted by his best friends, he has made it to apokolips in the hopes of regaining his son and the chaos crystal. In the meantime, Batgirl, Red Robin and Red Hood have made the decision that they are not letting him do it alone, leaving Batwoman in Gotham to work the night and keep the streets safe.

The trio of Batman sidekicks have even donned on some of Damian’s old outfits, refitted for them to show them who they are fighting for, what they are fighting for and risking their lives for. Tomasi is amazing, I swear, I may have to kiss him if I ever meet him. Tomasi has created this strong family dynamic between the characters elevating the emotional aspect of the story. Tomasi worked very hard to build up this family dynamic and it paid up in amazing ways.

Besides that, the strength in the series has been done very well since the beginning and continues to carry on into this series. There is so much going on in this issue in the way the story shifts from Batman to his bat family and then to Kalibak and yet the overall flow of the story isn’t disrupted. Everything remains consistent and the character development is amazing. Tomasi knows how to just throw events together and make them flow and weave a tightknit story.






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