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Week 44 2014 | Part 2 | Comic Reviews

By: Cynthia Ayala

Star Trek #37

Star Trek #37 (COVER PRICE: $3.99)

The Q Gambit

This story arc makes me so happy because it combines everything I love about Star Trek. It combines The Original Series, The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine and I freaking love Deep Space Nine and with Q in the series everything is ten times better because Q is, of course, messing with everyone and the universe. The world has become utter madness with peace hanging by a very thin thread. It’s a wonderful story to combine all the stories together.

Captain Kirk and his crew have been flung out to the future where they are fighting Dominion and the Klingon who have taken over the galaxy. Sisko is leading a the resistance on earth while Kira leads the resistance on Bajor. It’s a very interesting story arc that has so much adventure and comedy. Everything about it is fun to read. No complaints here.




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