Review/Recap Constantine | “The Devil’s Vinyl” (Season 1, #3)

By: Cynthia Ayala

“John comes face-to-face with a powerful adversary named Papa Midnite while he and Zed seek to save a family from sinister forces.”

  • Synopsis provided by Hulu

That was certainly one intense episode. Why do I say that, well that would be because the devil imprinted himself on a vinyl record that everyone wants and can’t seem to resist. Lucifer sure has a way of whispering things into a person ear now doesn’t he, after all, he was the first of the fallen, not the only fallen. He led the war in heaven. But enough of that, everyone knows that story already.

This show is over all amazing and downright spooky as it delves into the supernatural, the more religious side of it, the war between heaven and hell. Gotta love it.

Now, as far as the writing goes, it is amazing. The writers, alongside Matt Ryan, have captured exactly who John Constantine is as a character, a very arrogant broken soul of a man who is haunted by his past, haunted by his mistakes and his sins. This episode had the added bonus of bringing in Papa Midnite (Michael James Shaw) which really brought in the tension between the characters as well as their mutual grudgingly admiration for one another.

Acting aside, the progression of the story offers something new each week, a new city, a new “crime” to investigate. It’s a formula for success.

Directed by: Romeo Tirone

Written by: Mark Verheiden & David S. Goyer

Starring: Matt Ryan, Angélica Celaya, Charles Halford & Harold Perrineau

Genre: Supernatural drama, Occult detective fiction, Horror

Original Air Date | Time | Channel: 11/07/14 | 10 PM EST | NBC


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