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Help Us Reach Our Year-End Goal! – Alley Cat Allies

By: Cynthia Ayala

I am an avid supporter of animal rights and chose to help out in anyway I can. Usually I am able to donate, but with rent and my school loans, money is a little tight at the moment. So here I am sharing this post so that I can help out in any way I can.

Below is the letter written by Gail Russell, the Associate Director, Direct Response of Alley Cat Allies.

ACA_COB_3❝I hope you saw Becky’s messages about your Year End gift to Alley Cat Allies. We need to reach our $284,283 goal before the end of the year, so I wanted to send this short reminder that you can make all the difference for cats right now.

Help Alley Cat Allies reach our year-end goal of $284,283 before midnight tomorrow night by making a tax-deductible gift right away.

We need to keep our momentum from 2014 going, especially if we’re going to take on our struggling shelter system in 2015. It won’t be easy—we face strong opposition and each day brings new challenges. That’s why Alley Cat Allies has fought fiercely every day over the past 25 years, at every level of our society, to keep cats safe.

By supporting us at this critical time of year, you will help us be on the front lines every day, helping save cats and kittens in 2015. We have so much more planned, which is why we need to reach our $284,283 goal before midnight on December 31st.

We need your support, so please make your year-end gift now.

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