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Applications for Print Publishing Final Project

So as you all know I am an aspiring author under the pen name Nia Dragin and that I recently published my novel as a paperback for Barnes and Noble distribution, of which they have accepted. But while at school, something happened. My professor asked us to design a book, at least 32 pages, as our final project. I didn’t know what to do so what happened was I took my book and decided to take a stab at designing it myself. Needless to say, that’s it right there. I fell in love with it.

Every time I work on my novel, I get this great sense of accomplishment, this self-satisfaction. I love my novel, even if no one else does and I love the color, the design and will forever be incredibly happy with the way it turned out and thankful to the artist, Ronald Kaiser, who designed it. Just click on the image to see a bigger look and if you like it you can buy it here. Happy Monday everyone!

Blood Hunger Cover (Indesign Project)

Let me know what you think :)

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