Month: October 2015

Cassandra Clare Reveals ‘Lady Midnight’ First Editions Special Content

If all you readers remember the Clockwork Princess and City of Heavenly Fire, you must remember that the first editions/printings of the novel has special content within them. A little gift from the author and publisher to all TMI fans.

A Novel Where Hope Comes to Thrive | Review of ‘Wolfen’

Another great addition to the genre of post-apocalyptic fiction where the world has gone to hell by the man of man. Alianne Donnelly has crafted a well told story centered about three characters and the world they are trapped in with brilliant world building and strong characterization.

The Postpartum Effects of “Adam’s” Birth – An Essay

Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein has amazed audiences all around the world and has tingled the thoughts and minds of readers everywhere. There is so much to be said that will keep the novel alive for public consumption and thought. But one of the more riveting aspects of the novel is Victor’s clear and initial rejection of his creation, his son, from the beginning and the effects of the “birth” that follows[…]

A Look Back at Stardust

As part of my new blog series, A Look Back, I am pulling a film out of the Netflix archive, one of my favorites and writing a well deserved review off all the things that makes this film so great. Here we have Stardust (because I have nothing better to do…like schoolwork)!