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Category: Entertainment & News

The goings on in the world (not a gossip page fyi)

Tokyo in Trouble

How can you not mourn for this country.  They have been hit, unmercifully, by mother nature, time after time, whiplash after whiplash.  First they had that literal Earth shattering earthquake, that sent Tsunami’s literally across the globe.  Then you have … Continue Reading Tokyo in Trouble

Post Changes

Hey there Poet Fans.  I just wanted to let you know that I am near the 100 poem mark.  After which I will be taking a little break off to write more poems and my novel.  Also I want to … Continue Reading Post Changes

True Lies Sequel

Back in 1993 True Lies hit the theaters starring Jaime Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Right before Arnold became became governor.  I want my sequel, love the movie and was so excited that there was going to make a sequel.  … Continue Reading True Lies Sequel

Lunar Eclipse

I hope everyone got a chance to check out and watch the Lunar Eclipse. I was having a hard time trying to stay awake but working on my mom’s present helped keep me awake. 😛 This is the first time … Continue Reading Lunar Eclipse