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Category: Entertainment & News

The goings on in the world (not a gossip page fyi)

Lunar Eclipse

I hope everyone got a chance to check out and watch the Lunar Eclipse. I was having a hard time trying to stay awake but working on my mom’s present helped keep me awake. 😛 This is the first time … Continue Reading Lunar Eclipse

Nutmeg High?

So I’m watching the news last and this totally caught me off guard. I mean, I should take it seriously, but I really can’t because, come on, it’s nutmeg, it’s a spice! Apparently, nutmeg is being used as a drug … Continue Reading Nutmeg High?

Saddening News

In the past month there were two murder suicides. In the past year, more than there should be. Last Thanksgiving was a thanksgiving massacre in which few survived. My prayers go out to those who knew them this Thanksgiving. How … Continue Reading Saddening News