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Monday Night TV (6 Fed 2012)

Great episode.  I loved the whole 40’s concept and I loved the mystery of this episode.  It was ingenious!  I finally feel as though this show is getting it’s spark back.  The writing was clever and funny and I loved the fact that Alexis was not in this episode as herself.  I like the fact that I could see another side of her that actually had some direction in her life, granted misguided direction but direction nonetheless.  In any case it was []

Friday Night TV [cont.] (3 Feb 2012)

Really good episode.  I really enjoyed it.  Also Bolivia from Earth-4 (yeah I’m going with that) is way better than Earth-2, I actually like her…a little bit.  Anyway I like the writing structure for this show, I admit, you won’t really enjoy it unless you’ve seen the previous seasons.  I totally recommend this show, trust me, I do, but I recommend even more watching the previous season.  The writing is good, the storylines, scientifically are plausible and the acting and chemistry are []

Friday Night TV (3 Feb 2012)

I love the wolf in this show, he’s my favorite character, aside from the Grimm, they make a good team together.  This was a very good episode.  I liked the concept of the villains, these creatures which were like a cross between a Vulcher and a Vampire.  It was pretty awesome, I have to admit.  I also loved how they combined it with the story of Hansel and Gretel.  Hanson and Gracie, pretty ingenious I think, and I’m not even being sarcastic.  []

Thursday Night TV [cont.] (2 Feb 2012)

I just have to say, go Elijah, hell yeah!  I would also like to note, poor Caroline.  This was a really good heartfelt episode.  I still loved the writing, it’s phenomenal, especially when you’ve read the books.  I mean the books are good, but they are merely flowers before a bloom compared to the books.  I also love the character development and the parallels this show creates in comparison to the books.  Screenplay writers are brilliant with what they’ve done but it []

Tuesday Night TV (31 Jan 2012)

The beginning was sort of confusing.  I love Andrew though.  Sarah Michelle Gellar is still a great actress.  I still find a lot of things confusing.  Like what is the deal with Siobhan?  I really like Bridget, as a person she is way better than her sister.  I have to give props to Sarah Michelle Gellar, to be able to play a dual roles is simply brilliant.  I mean she’s playing herself and her twin sister, two people with two different personalities, []

Monday Night TV [cont.] (30 Jan 2012)

This was a good episode, I really enjoyed watching it.  I feel bad for Zoe because she only wants a girl friend and that’s understandable.  I still loved this show, it was a charming night, I will admit that.  I really enjoy this show.  I will say this one again though, the actress who plays Lemon needs to eat something, I find it quite frightening to be seeing her bones through through her clothes.  She looks anorexic, I’m simply voicing my opinions.  []

Monday Night TV (30 Jan 2012)

I love Sam Neill.  He is such a brilliant actor, he can change his skin to fit his character in such a believable way.  Once again I must applaud the concept behind this show.  It’s both original and exhilarating.  I really like it.  I also love the flashbacks because they give us insights into who the criminals are.  I really like this show.  J. J. Abrams is awesome!  The pace of this show is so fast, when an hour past I had []

Sunday Night TV (29 Jan 2012)

I do not dislike the Evil Queen, I pity her more than anything, even more so after seeing this episode.  The King was not cool, he did not treat her right, made me wondered why the hell he ever married her if he never loved her.  He was a jerk.  I am thrilled to note the story line that they used for the mirror, it was a great and unexpected concept!!  Incorporating something we know about into this fairy tale realm.  Simply []

Friday Night TV (27 Jan 2012)

Good episode.  Had a sad ending though but it was still a good episode.  I love this show, I can follow it pretty well as well.  I love how they explain all the science in the show, they make it plausible.  Good acting, good writing, good plot line.  I have no complaints in this respect.  However, much I want to recommend this show to everyone, you won’t understand it it unless you watch from the very beginning.  I recommend renting it and []

Special Preview (25 Jan 2012)

Last night was the special preview of the Touch.  I liked it.  Most storylines that exist with a multitude of characters and how they all intertwine with one another is a strong feat that is hard to do successfully, especially since this show presents characters that are on different parts of the world.  It was a fast paced show, I mean when half and hour past me by I didn’t even notice.  It’s an interesting concept for a show, I really like []