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Category: Today in Life…

29 Nov. Mon 5:59PM

I HOPE EVERYONE HAD A GREAT THANKSGIVING!!! Mine was delicious hehehe. So as of late, there have been these kittens outside my apartment. I’ve named them Leafol, Ultima and Thumper. They are so adorable and seem to really like me. … Continue Reading 29 Nov. Mon 5:59PM

24 Nov. Wed 5:10PM

Hey. I may not be online in the next few days, considering that tomorrow is Thanksgiving and then the weekend. I’ll probably be spending quality time with my mom. In any case last night’s tv was brilliant, kinda missed some … Continue Reading 24 Nov. Wed 5:10PM

22 Nov. Mon 3:40PM

Hey there readers! Weekend was uneventful. Kinda sucked actually. Most fun I had been reading at the bookstore. Hmm, oh well, at least it’s time for Thanksgiving can’t wait to stuff my face. Love Thanksgiving. Well anyway, considering my weekend … Continue Reading 22 Nov. Mon 3:40PM