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Tempest Saga

Year One

Tempest Artemisa Nyx is the descendant of both the great Merlin and Morgan Le Fey. Because she carries the essence of Morgan Le Fey, she is hunted but men who call themselves the Merlin Crusaders. Seeing themselves as heroes to rid the world of all evil, they try to take her life and instead take the life of someone dear to her. Eight years have past since that day Tempest has had no encounters with them. Until now. The leader of the Crusaders has come hunting for the stone that carried Merlins essence, which was trapped by Morgan Le Fey. Tempest befriends two people who help her on her new adventures at the Nightmare Academy, the school for those who live in the dark world of wizardry. Tempest has a battle to fight but the enemy she thought she was fighting, will turn out to be something completely different as new strengths are discovered are figured are gained and new enemies are found.

Year Two

Tempest starts her second of year of school with hopes that Merwick will not come back. Unfortunately her hopes are in vain. Merwick returns but he does not come alone. With a new pet he arrives, and uses that boys’ talents and grief against him. As Tempest sword is stolen for a great purpose of that which only Merwick knows, Tempest discovers that her sword was the once thought to be lost great sword Excaliber with unmeasurable power. Now Tempest is on a quest to regain her sword before Merwick has a chance to use it and release the darkness that Merlin had sealed. Secrets are told as a new member of the family is found and a dark past is discovered . . .

As Tempest begins her third year but it’s not all fun and games as she begins to sense hostility everywhere. A new love is found and she fall’s head over heels in love. Draco conflicts her in every direction but her family seems to be getting along fine. The school year seems to go fine until she is finally told of a plot to take her sword. Bianca Starlet and Master Vlad help her in anyway possible but it is family that takes. As someone close to her is kidnapped Tempest must take a chance, break all the rules and compromise with the enemy. In the end Tempest will have to make a choice and come to terms with all her feelings, including those she loaths and hides.

Year Four

Tempest faces her forth year and already deplores how it has begun. Cursed to be a vampire, her gifts have gotten more powerful and now she must deal with it as well as the path of deceit that has wound itself into her life. The lies her family has told her come close to nothing as she discovers that she can see into the future and the deaths in it. Haunted in her dreams she faces an old enemy who has returned with a vengeance. Tempest must save her friends and try and fight the future that has been written. Someone close to her will die and as she wins she will lose hope and faith in everything she had ever known and trusted. As time passes, Tempest will become trapped by both the people she loves . . . and hates.

Year Five

Tempest starts off her fifth year with a bang. She is actually happy now that Draco is there for her. After the death of Gorx, her visions have become stronger, more real. And Merwick is back with newfound energy and a way to live. Tempest lives with the burden and blame and with the pain of day after day scenes of him dying again and again. Tempest wants revenge but lives in fear of her visions. As a new minion of Lord Voldemort she is acquainted with ways to destroy and kill that she never knew and is constantly looking out for not only herself and her friends, but loved ones and Harry Potter as well. In the end she will fail to do what her visions were warning her of what she must stop.

Year Six

Tempest, now sixteen is faced with more difficult times. As a working member of Lord Voldemort she must balance that along with school and finding Merwick and making him pay with his newfound powers. Draco however complicates things. After breaking his promise Tempest must keep him from falling deeper into darkness. As her anger grows, feelings evolve and she must watch over him and keep him safe, but she cannot be there all the time as Merwick has stumbled onto the once great city of Camelot. There lies a dark lily with the power to grant ultimate power and immortality, as well as death. Tempest must find the flower before him and do what others have died trying to do, what others have died trying to control. She must destroy the flower, at the risk of her life. Created by Morgan Le Fey, the flower poisoned the city after the death of Mordred and killed everyone in a matter of years. Tempest must destroy the Flower of Doom before Merwick has a chance to take it and cause havoc all over the world.

Year Seven

Tempest is faced with the greatest challenge of all. Her family and those loved ones who are all Death Eaters are planning on the final battle with Harry Potter. She must choose whether to betray all those she loves, all those who care about her, in the name of good. Tempest knows she doesn’t have the will power to di this on her own so she calls upon a truce between Merwick to help save Harry Potter and ensure that he lives, but Voldemort it seems senses her betrayal and takes soemthing from her that cannot be given back. But not all is what is what it seems. Vivaldi also has more secrets of her own. Tempest hides away and watches battle after battle and sees the outcome of all her decisions. In the end someone close to her will die, one death she did not foresee that will help her chose the course of her future, one that will help her chose her side of light or darkness.

Year Eight

The final battle has come. After eight years of torment Tempest wants blood, literally. Tempest sees the glint of gold in many eyes, including those of Astrea’s. After alsmost being sentenced to life in Azcaban, Tempest thinks she had got the whole thing figured out, but until Draco is stabbed and her family is attacked , she finds out she was dead wrong. Merwick has taken possession of someone close to her and she must make the hardest decision ever. As she releases the Dark Queen of Magic with a pack made in blood. Left with no other choice, Tempest must forsake everything she knows to kill the one person in her life that was always there for her and fight to the very end in the holy temple holding the Pools of Light, the Pools of Darkness and the Pools of Twilight to kill Merwick definitively as well as the person of whom he possesses.

If you’re are interested in the books you can either click on an image on the side or below. Hope you enjoy! 🙂


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